Social Listening

By Skyword Staff on January 28, 2014

Social listening is the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online.

Marketing teams primarily use social listening for community management, such as identifying customer pain points and providing direct consumer response to questions, complaints, and comments. It is also used to surface feedback that could help to differentiate their brand, product, or service.

Why is social listening important?

As digital channels proliferate, there are myriad ways for consumers to share feedback and experiences — both directly and anonymously.

Social listening allows marketing teams to prioritize and evaluate feedback from the public. This feedback can be used to create more appealing offerings, both in the form of product and services as well as content and advertisements.

One important distinction: Social listening monitors individual conversations about a brand and industry. It does not provide insight into the direct impact of your marketing programs.

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Skyword Staff