The State of SEO 2020


If you want your brand to be visible in search, it pays to stay on top of Google’s latest moves. But it can be difficult to keep SEO strategies up to date with the search engine constantly evolving. Our annual State of SEO report provides answers to the questions that keep search-minded content marketers up at night:

  • Which algorithm updates are likely to impact my rankings and how?

  • Which search trends pertain to my industry?
  • How can I beat out competitors in search and improve my rankings?

We analyzed the year’s Google updates and rounded up the seven big-picture trends that content marketers need to take action on in 2020.

Download the The State of SEO 2020 report to learn:

  • Which search trends have the biggest impact on your content strategy

  • The latest search updates that impact each trend

  • Why content marketers should care

  • Specific actions content marketers can take to benefit

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