Top 25 Content Marketers in Enterprise Software: The East Coast Edition
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Top 25 Content + Digital Marketers in Enterprise Software: The East Coast Edition

Almost every marketing leader working at an enterprise organization recognizes the need to make additional investments in marketing technology. Studies from Gartner, IAB, and more prove CMOs are increasingly purchasing new technologies to make their strategies sing.

Ten Years Tech IncreaseA recent report from venture capitalist Ashu Garg predicts marketers will spend 10 times what they currently do on technology over the next 10 years. His search suggests global marketing spend on tech will reach $120 billion by 2025—up from $12 billion this year.

Moreover, CEOs ranked the top three most important technology-enabled capabilities to improve business, and digital marketing took top prize at 38 percent.

With budgets increasing, enterprise software businesses have huge opportunities to secure stronger revenue streams over the next 10 years. This means brand storytellers working for surging enterprise software businesses need to do everything they can to establish their presence in the marketplace now, to grab a bigger slice of the pie when the money starts to flow.

In 2015, we here at Skyword have worked together with our partner Traackr to identify thought leaders at noteworthy enterprise software brands who are focusing on brand storytelling. You can read our West Coast edition, and also check out Traackr’s Midwest/central edition.

Below, we’ve identified the top 25 enterprise software marketers on the East Coast to watch out for in 2015. While we produced this list using key search terms on the Traackr Platform, we don’t believe ranking them in any specific order makes sense. Therefore, follow them all, and be sure to look out for their thought leadership in 2015:

  • Tami Cannizzaro, Vice President of Marketing, IBM (@tamicann)
  • Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer, HubSpot (@mvolpe)
  • Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme Networks (@valaafshar)
  • Tom Gerace, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Skyword (@TomGerace)
  • Larry Kim, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, WordStream (@LarryKim)
  • Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy, NewsCred (@BrennerMichael)
  • Shane Snow, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Contently (@ShaneSnow)
  • Noah Brier, Co-Founder, Percolate (@HeyitsNoah)
  • Pawan Deshpande, Chief Executive Officer, Curata (@TweetsFromPawan)
  • Tom Wentworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Acquia (@Twentworth12)
  • Lindsey LaManna, Social Media and Reporting Manager, SAP (@LindseyLaManna)
  • Allen Gannett, Chief Executive Officer, TrackMaven (@Allen)
  • Nataly Kelly, Vice President of Marketing (Localization), HubSpot (@NatalyKelly)
  • Ragy Thomas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sprinklr (@RagyThomas)
  • Giselle Abramovich, Senior and Strategic Editor of, Adobe (@GAbramovich)
  • Michael Troiano, Chief Marketing Officer, Actifio (@miketrap)
  • Amanda Maksymiw, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Lattice Engines (@amandamaks)
  • Matt McGowan, Head of Strategy, Google (@matt_mcgowan)
  • Jon Lombardo, Content Marketing Lead, LinkedIn (@JonLombardo)
  • Bryn Adler, Content Marketing Manager, Localytics (@BrynAdler)
  • J. Graeme Noseworthy, Senior Director of Marketing, RapidMiner (@graemeknows)
  • Dave Capuano, Vice President of Global Digital Marketing, Verint (@dcapuan0)
  • Andy Zimmerman, Chief Marketing Officer, Evergage (@AHZimmerman)
  • Elisabeth Michaud, Product Marketing and Social Media Manager, uberVU via Hootsuite (@emichaud)
  • Kirby Wadsworth, Chief Marketing Officer, Limelight Networks (@AceSage)

These innovators may not be the final decision-makers at their companies, but they’re helping their organizations tell stronger, more emotional stories through effective content marketing. In the fight for marketing tech dollar, it’s clear these brands have the advantage in the marketplace.

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