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Despite the 87 percent of businesses actually using content marketing, only 43 percent of those surveyed said their content marketing strategy was a success considering the goals provided, as reported by Curata’s data. So, what’s holding a majority of these businesses back from a higher success rate? Creativity and finding the time to create that content. Contrary to popular belief, content marketing is more than just blogging, creating infographics or ebooks, and calling it a day. Content marketers must plan, analyze data, and then come up with something completely original to entice potential customers. But doing all of that can be tricky.

The world of marketing and advertising is all about creativity, originality, and thinking outside the box. This especially includes content marketers, as content marketing is continuing to see a dramatic rise in awareness and focus from all sorts of businesses, big and small. However, eMarketer argues that while many businesses have included content marketing in their marketing strategies (a whopping 87 percent according to Curata), this doesn’t mean that all of these strategies are entirely creative.

And the data reflects this lack of creativity. Businesses are looking for better ways to streamline the entire content process. Trying to cut down on time and money as budget and staff constraints continue is a major reason why several businesses aren’t going headlong into content marketing. In fact, 57 percent of businesses continue to use content curation as their main means of creating content.

So, businesses resort to copying each other and creating even more of the same kind of content. In fact, social media expert and online marketer Francisco Rosales discussed the influx of poorly written how-to articles and how businesses and freelance writers alike need to stop and try something new. The same goes for content marketing: everyone is blogging, re-sharing online articles, and creating infographics all because it is simply popular and the thing to do.

Curation is so popular that it has even become one of the emerging top-of-the-funnel strategies to date, according to the Curata survey. Curation can be successful, and can even see a “sales cycle from one to three months,” but how much reworked content can a potential lead take?

Creativity can be difficult, but even more rewarding. Take, for example, the advertising agency john st. They created the highly viral “Catvertising” video as well as the recently created “Buyral,” both of which are wildly relevant and original in their content creation while still in the realm of staple content of any strategy (video, in this case). The Canadian advertising agency has seen thousands of views, rocketed to instant viral success, and was able to expand their brand image all at once.

Content marketers don’t need to be a full-fledged advertising agency to be creative, though. All the tools are there to create something unique, it’s just a matter of sitting down and planning everything out. Sometimes the best way to do this is simply by asking: “What would I like to see from content marketing?” Going beyond that simple how-to article or infographic might just be enough of a driving force for higher conversion rates, and that makes it entirely worth it to be original.

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