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For Autotrader, it’s not about car sales — it’s about educating buyers and helping them make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

Setting the Scene

Cars are being developed more rapidly than ever before, enabling swifter response to vehicle market trends. Buyers are also doing more pre-purchase research — and seeking resources that dealers aren’t always prepared to offer.

Many online auto sellers saw the opportunity to put consumers in the driver’s seat by offering them information on how to choose, buy, and maintain their next vehicles. AutoTrader saw the same opportunity, but had to operate with a much smaller team and budget. This was no small task.

Break Through

AutoTrader assembled a team of writers and managed them through Skyword’s content marketing platform. The strategy aimed to provide buyers with a rich assortment of resources in an efficient manner, and then scale that model to deliver an amount of authored content comparable to the company’s main competitors.
As AutoTrader embraced Skyword’s content marketing solutions, the company was able to reach a cadence that drove results.

Connections Made

AutoTrader successfully propelled its content catalog to hungry automobile enthusiasts at a time when demand for free information began to escalate. And the company did it efficiently, thanks to content technology.

Today, AutoTrader is widely considered the go-to source for news, reviews, and videos about new and old cars, successfully establishing connections between the brand and its loyal customer base. The company placed its bets on content strategy and technology, and won big.


  • 1,714 articles & 199 videos in 2012
  • Impressions up 281 percent in 3 years
  • 300K YouTube plays per month
  • Estimated 40 hours per month saved in writer payments and administration
  • Helped sales with $10mm in new revenue
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