The Trading Deck Case Study


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For MarketWatch, it’s not about personal finance — it’s about helping people make smarter investments for their families.

Setting the Scene

The media industry has undergone dramatic changes over the past five years as online content has flooded the web. To hold consumers’ attention and move them through financial stories, MarketWatch knew it had to expand its online offerings to supply readers with a diverse and ongoing compilation of the latest news and advice.

Break Through

A groundbreaking publishing process was needed to allow MarketWatch to innovate beyond its traditional model. Embracing Skyword’s content marketing platform enabled MarketWatch to flip its systems on their head and begin authoring content with increased efficiency and scale.

By storing important financial documents on a single platform, writers and editors were able to work at a more efficient pace. This meant no more transferring documents from system to system or via email, since every content creator and editor had access to the same information on the cloud.

Connections Made

This new model allowed MarketWatch to increase the volume and frequency of its reporting, which gave consumers information in real time and fueled personal finance choices across the country. The publishing system helped foster a growing online community of household decision makers, all of whom now rely on MarketWatch for information that empowers their investment decisions.

The Results

Success for MarketWatch is measured by increased efficiency. Editing and processing 150-200 articles per month through email would cost the senior editorial team a considerable amount of time and effort — an estimated 50 hours monthly. MarketWatch can now allocate that time elsewhere, on areas such as content strategy and planning. Building on the success of The Trading Deck, MarketWatch launched RetireMentors on the Skyword Platform in November 2012 to provide retirement advice from business experts.

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