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For New Balance, it’s not about selling sneakers — it’s about inspiring athletes everywhere to reach their goals.

Setting the Scene

Many don’t know that New Balance sponsors more athletes than any other sports apparel brand in the world. But rather than focus on stars who have already reached the spotlight, New Balance supports under-the-radar athletes with moving stories to tell.

Break Through

In order to give these athletes a platform to tell their stories and get recognized for their incredible achievements, New Balance embraced a long-term content strategy that focused on sponsoring the unknown.

New Balance recognized an opportunity to propel its roster into the public eye through an ongoing series of journalistic-style articles that focus on a person’s backstory, training, roadblocks, and successes. These professionals represent New Balance’s core consumer base, making them the best storytellers for the brand.

Connections Made

New Balance is effectively bridging the gap between amateur athletes and the public eye, telling stories that its customers relate to while simultaneously building relationships with its team of sports professionals.

More so, the company is humanizing the sports world and showing that athletes everywhere are reaching milestones that often don’t get picked up by major news outlets. This inspiring approach to content marketing gives the underdogs — and the underrepresented — a voice, an opportunity, and a chance to tell their unique stories to the world.

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