Skyword LendingTree Case Study


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Setting the Scene

LendingTree ®, the nation’s leading online lending exchange program, helps consumers find a lending partner that can make their dreams possible–from a first home to a business venture. Although the team had found success publishing content that informed its audience on lending and investment decisions, they struggled to manage the production process as volume grew.

Breaking Through

To scale content production and minimize the hours of manual labor, LendingTree leveraged the Skyword Platform. With Skyword, the team collaborates with in-house and external content creators in one place, tracks articles through each review stage, and automatically publishes articles to the CMS.

Connections Made

Through Skyword, LendingTree created an infrastructure to tell stories at a rapid pace, and make new ideas and resources available to readers whenever they visited the site.In addition to eliminating workflow barriers, LendingTree gained insight into its content performance through Skyword Platform analytics, allowing the brand to better understand the topics its audience values most.



  • 125+ stories published every month on the platform
  • 26 contributors managed through the platform
  • 10+ different content types, such as in-depth articles, blog posts, and features
  • Direct CMS integration to multiple LendingTree web properties and platforms


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