Kyle Harper

Kyle Harper

Kyle Harper is a writer, editor, and marketer who is passionate about creative projects and the industries that support them. He is a human who writes things. He also writes about things, around things, for things, and because of things. He's worked with brands like Hasbro, Spotify, Tostitos, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as a bunch of cool startups. The hardest job he's ever taken was the best man speech for his brother's wedding. No challenge is too great or too small. No word is unimportant. Behind every project is a story. What's yours?

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An Echo Dot sits atop a stack of hard-cover books.
Marketing Marketing Technology

How an IoT Marketing Strategy Focused on Interactivity, Utility Can Connect with Consumers

Is IoT changing digital marketing? Yes. As these devices become mainstays in homes, there’s big potential to reach consumers via an IoT marketing strategy.

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Image of college students throwing graduation caps in the air.
Marketing Content Strategy

The Future of Higher Education Marketing: 3 Major Trends Seen at Salesforce’s 2019 Summit

Based on insights from Salesforce Higher Ed Summit 2019, these are the three major trends that are shaping the future of higher education marketing.

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