How to Repurpose Video Content Marketing Ideas for Brand Awareness
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How to Repurpose Video Content Marketing Ideas for Brand Awareness

As a marketer, you’re always looking for the next big idea and thinking about the best content format to use for its execution. With social media networks and mobile consumers preferring visual content types, brands are often drawn to video content marketing out of necessity. In some cases, these campaigns work but suck up valuable resources and limit marketing departments’ capabilities due to budget restraints down the line.

There’s demand for a sustainable approach to video content creation, and—while we like to believe we offer a compelling solution—sometimes it comes down to savvy strategic planning more than anything else. In this blog, I’ll offer one frugal approach to producing more video content, increasing landing page conversions, and building awareness for your brand online. Of course, like any digital campaign, start with defining your goals first.

Brand Awareness Is the Overall Top Goal of Marketers and Video Marketers

Brand AwarenessAccording to eMarketer, 56 percent of its readers say they will increase spending on branding-related activities over the next 12 months. Another 27 percent will maintain current spending levels. In fact, brand awareness ranked highest among respondents in terms of marketing goals, followed by demand generation, global business expansion efforts, and event marketing.

It comes as no surprise, then, that in a separate but relevant report from Demand Metric, 52 percent of marketers’ main objective for video content marketing remains brand awareness. The report named top challenges as lack of budget (47 percent), lack of in-house resources (45 percent), and inability to create compelling content (45 percent). Data from Demand Metric also found that more than 70 percent of respondents claim their video campaigns perform better than other content types for producing conversions and achieving strategy goals.

These insights suggest that by producing more video content to fuel campaigns, brands will effectively reach their awareness goals. While top challenges remain troublesome for businesses, there are ways to repurpose content and use media for both awareness and conversion campaigns.

Here’s are three ways you can take your outbound webinar content and reuse snippets for engaging awareness content:

1. Repurpose Topics

If you’re lacking in-house resources to brainstorm and strategize new video content marketing campaigns, dip a toe into what you’ve already created for webinar campaigns. Often, marketers conduct webinars to generate leads—and spend a lot of time concepting topics, building decks, and promoting the webinars—but fail to take the insights developed throughout this process and apply them to other, long-term projects.

If you recently ran a webinar and plan to host a replay of it on your website behind a download wall, you’ll need some creative ideas to help spread awareness and allow for it to continue to generate ROI. By taking the key points in the webinar and using them as the cornerstone of a promotional video, you can distribute video content—across social, via email, in web content, and on landing pages—that reflects your brand messaging and speaks to a topic proven to already interest your audience. Don’t look at your webinar content as unusable material for video. Often, it can come to take on a life of its own outside of lead-generation campaigns.

2. Embrace Scrappy Social Video Content to Fill in the Gaps

B2Bs use an average of six social media platforms to engage their customers. It can be difficult to engage people across all channels with only text-driven content at your disposal. Time and time again, experts encourage marketers to create as much image- and video-based content as possible to power their social media marketing. If you’re faced with a strict marketing budget and you’re interested in pumping video out via new social channels, look toward your webinars for snackable pieces of content that may entice a previously dormant audience to perk up and raise their hands.

Creative marketers should peruse their webinar content, even if it’s several months old, for soundbites that can be repurposed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, and other platforms. Want a quick way to step up your social media and content marketing game? Take what you’ve already produced and repackage it for success.

3. Start with Social Apps Like Vine and Instagram, and End with Something Completely Brand New

Sometimes brands create video solely on social apps like Vine and Instagram. Both of these networks provide marketers with opportunities to produce quick visual content that can drive awareness and engagement with a passive, social audience. However, with some clever planning, brands can reuse these Vines and Instagram videos in their long-form video content marketing campaigns.

Businesses like HP, Dunkin’ Donuts, Trident, and Airbnb have all recruited influencers on Vine to create social content. Recently, HP took its campaign a step further by compiling all the Vines created by fans around its Pavilion x360 notebook into one fluid commercial. Here’s the full version:

While video content may be pricey to produce, you can get a lot out of the money and resources you dedicate to it. These examples represent just a few ways you can spread the cost of a single video over several use cases, and there are dozens more. What have you used in the past to get the most out of video marketing? Let us know in the comments section below.

To learn more about how Skyword can help you repurpose video content for brand awareness, request a platform demo.

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