Bernie Smigel

Bernie Smigel

Bernie is a multimedia storyteller. His content marketing and social media experience spans a variety of industries including technology, hospitality, travel & tourism, and real estate. He's also a videographer, and once traveled to the Amazon Rainforest to produce a documentary which aired on local television in the Burlington, Vermont area.

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Podcast microphone in front of a digital audio workstation.
Storytelling Communications

Press Play on Thought Leadership: How to Develop a Brand Podcast

Learn how to develop a brand podcast with these best practices, content considerations, and a checklist of necessary equipment and software.

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A person with purple painted nails takes a photo of geometric graffiti.
Marketing Content Strategy

How to Integrate Email and Social Media Into One Seamless Marketing Strategy

It’s time to ditch the silos. When you integrate email and social media into one strategy, each channel gets a boost. Here’s how to find this harmony.

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