Peter Kringdon

Peter Kringdon

Peter Kringdon is a Content Specialist at Skyword and a graduate of Bowdoin College. Previously, Peter held positions at Hill Holliday and the Entertainment Board. He's also a freelance designer, focused on brand identity, poster design, and other projects for print and digital.

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Rediscovering Your Brand Story: An Interview with LEGO's Vice President of Marketing, Michael Moynihan
Storytelling Innovator Series

Rediscovering Your Brand Story: An Interview with LEGO’s Michael Moynihan

What do you do when your business is floundering? Turn to brand story. In this interview with LEGO’s VP of Marketing, we talk about how he did just that.

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Will users truly connect with Apple's new product?
Marketing Marketing Technology

Apple Music (Dis)Connect: How Apple Turned a Deaf Ear to Audience Behavior

Apple Music Connect wants fans and artists to use the platform to communicate online. The only problem is, they’re already using other platforms.

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