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Debunking the Myths of Stock Photography for Content Marketing: Part Two

As a content marketing professional, you must create original articles to succeed in search and on social media. While content creation requires a unique touch, imagery can often complement your core message. In fact, finding the right picture to pair with your next blog post can help you capture more clicks in search, drive Likes on Facebook, and even establish brand continuity across the web.

Last week I debunked three common misconceptions of stock photography. Whether you’re a marketer, a blogger, or a corporation, adding images to your web content improves user experience. In part two of my two-part series, I tackle two more myths surrounding stock photography, and challenge you to bring your digital content to life by adding images to every new post. (Don’t forget to revisit part one in my series.)

Myth: “Stock photography is too expensive.”

VERY FALSE. Conducting your own professional photo shoot (securing labor, models, locales, etc.) could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. While you’ll most likely be the only one to use these images, most customers can’t afford to buy them. Stock imagery, on the other hand, not only supports the photographers and artists who created the work, but it’s also affordable.

Through our Skyword integration, you can access stock imagery directly as you manage your content marketing campaigns. Think there aren’t any stock images that complement your industry or business? Think again. Bigstock offers images across categories, from business to backgrounds to editorial and education.

Myth: “Stock photos never change. They’re stagnant collections.”

FALSE. Stock image contributors are artists and photographers from all over the world. They’re uploading new content every minute, and most stock sites add fresh content every day.

Remember: The more specific your search, the closer to “the perfect image” you’ll get. For instance, a search for “child eating ice cream” is a common one. However, a search for “a red-haired girl eating an ice cream cone” is a more detailed search that will provide you with some clearer options.

To Sum It All Up

Stock photography is an efficient and economical tool for anyone in need of high-quality imagery. When you use stock, you’re not only supporting artists, but you’re also keeping your clients happy with supremely fast results. I hope I’ve offered you enough information to show why stock photography actually helps you streamline your content creation or blog writing efforts. Now it’s up to you to find the perfect image. Happy downloading.

Skyword’s Partnership With Bigstock

Skyword offers its customers easy access to Bigstock images directly on the Skyword Platform. This integration feature gives writers the ability to pair the perfect image to the content they write, and publish both seamlessly to the client’s website.

Learn more about Skyword’s partnership with Bigstock here, and follow @Bigstock on Twitter, and BigStockPhoto on Facebook, for more updates.

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