5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy Right Now
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5 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy Right Now


If you’ve pushed your content marketing strategy to the back burner—or worse yet, ignored it entirely—it’s time to ramp up your game. Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage with consumers, drive revenue, and set brands apart from the competition.

“Companies hesitant to devote resources and budget to content marketing are missing out big time,” said Sujan Patel, vice president of marketing at When I Work. “Not only is content marketing key for SEO, it also helps build your brand. It’s also one of the best ways to engage or interact with your visitors.”

Simply put, companies cannot afford to ignore content marketing any longer, Patel said. The word Content in cut out magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board. Content is an important part of marketing and search engine optimization for web content and advertising.Brands across industries—including pet food companies, B2B technology firms, and even state tourism departments—have turned to content as a way to attract audiences. Companies that do content marketing well can reap the rewards of better brand awareness, increased Web traffic, and more conversions.

Here are five tips that can help recharge your content marketing strategy right away:

1. Consider the Story

At its core, content marketing is about sharing stories with an audience. Rethinking your brand in terms of powerful, humanizing stories can help content marketing efforts be more effective. Even something as simple as shifting the style and tone of content can help it resonate more effectively.

2. Write Better Headlines

Creating good content is half the battle. The other half is getting people to engage with it. Writing an irresistible headline can jump-start that process, driving people to click on must-read content. Studies show that headlines that appeal to emotions, ask a question, or offer an unusual twist tend to lure in readers.

3. Anticipate Your Customers’ Needs

Top content tends to answer specific questions on a customer’s mind—the type of stuff that takes them to Google for an answer. Engaging with customers directly can help companies understand the issues audiences are most interested in. Brands can also utilize content mapping with various consumer personas to better understand what types of content different customers might be interested in, and when.

4. Invest in User-Generated Content

The benefit of engaging with fans and followers to generate content is twofold: Consumers deepen their relationships with brands through participation, and those brands gain essentially free marketing when users share their content with their networks. The strategy has worked for brands such as Warby Parker; fans of the brand’s glasses can share selfies with different frames in just a few clicks.

5. Amplify, Amplify, Amplify

Too often, brands think about content amplification last; experts say content promotion should be one of the first things marketers consider. Amplification might include social media channels (paid and organic), or pitching to reporters and influencers using social channels, suggests Larry Kim of WordStream. Using visually appealing content, such as infographics, can also help content spread.

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