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5 Ways to Resuscitate Your Content Marketing Strategy

This is a guest post written by Roxanne Abercrombie, the PR, content, and social executive at Uniting Ambition.

Content marketing has never been more important, nor has it ever been more difficult. In the heavily saturated digital marketing space, each piece of content produced is a drop in what has become an overwhelming ocean of words.

The content marketers of today are not only facing the difficulty of consistently producing quality, original content, they also have to make this content reach an audience already inundated with daily articles. It’s an uphill battle. Maintaining a steady stream of engaging posts is massively time-consuming, and there’s no guarantee you’ll garner the traction you were hoping for.

Fortunately, the key to winning broader reach with your content marketing strategy and benefiting from that time invested in writing is fairly straightforward. It doesn’t involve hiring legions of marketers or spending sums of money on advertising; it simply involves resuscitation via content amplification.

Speeding Bus Be a Content Recycler

You can’t complain that a quality article is gathering dust on a forgotten website page if you’ve made no attempt to revive it. Periodically recycling your evergreen posts—both via timely emails and social media—is a surefire way to amplify content.

Realistically, your article isn’t going to reach the desired number of readers upon first publication and promotion. Online readers are spoiled for choice, and your post is a tree in a rapidly growing forest. Odds are, even with an army of social followers and a high volume of website users, the vast majority of your audience will miss content.

To give an article a chance, you need to continually recycle. A great post will always be a great post—so after a reasonable grace period, you shouldn’t be afraid to repurpose it in another form, share again, and entice more readers.

Even Better: Be an Upcycler

Although recycling content is a winning content amplification tactic, it won’t help you earn the same level of results as upcycling. If you really want to maximize on your posts, you should repurpose them into other assets.

So, try chopping and changing your existing work. Repurpose old words into new formats. Use forgotten posts as springboards that help you get your work featured in different places. The content you already have at your disposal is bursting with potential—upcycling it will help you unlock that potential, as well as new audiences.

You may think that revisiting and reimagining old articles is a drain on your time, but it’s always going to be quicker than coming up with an entirely new article. In fact, upcycling articles is easier than most people suspect. What’s more, this process not only allows you to curate your content, it also helps you boost ROI while still adding value for your readers.

You Can Always Do More

Most marketers produce a piece of content, publish it online, and share it across their social channels. Some might include the content within a monthly or weekly newsletter, and marketers looking to reach wider audiences might look to get their posts syndicated on third-party media sites. Those are the ordinary tactics employed, and guess what? They aren’t enough to get ideal content reach. Of course, this is where recycling and upcycling comes into play.

Here are five key tactics you can take use to rework (and thereby amplify) your content:

1. Video

Every content marketer has written “how to” articles. Similarly, it’s a fairly safe bet that we’ve all written step-by-step processes, expert interviews, and “day in the life” posts. Each of these content types provides an opportunity to upcycle into video. Not only is video a ferociously popular medium, it’s also increasingly easy to produce.

2. Presentations

Creating a SlideShare presentation is a free, easy way to upcycle your content into a fresh medium. A presentation allows you to cut articles or white papers down to the essentials and create a visual, interactive piece of content that’s easily digestible. Plus, SlideShare is much less commonly used than other social channels—meaning less competition and more opportunity for exposure.

3. Infographics

Aside from the fact that infographics present great exposure opportunities and will encourage other websites to link to your work, they’re also a key way to breathe new life into old content. For the vast majority of your articles and especially your research papers, you’ll have spent time digging out supporting facts and figures. Your work is full of information that’s crying out to be publicized in a fresh, visually appealing way. Revisit your content, pull out the key statistics and points, add a touch of design flair, and voilà—you have an upcycled infographic.

4. eBooks

If you sift through your existing content, you’ll find much of it shares a similar theme or builds on the same kinds of ideas. What better way to collate and amplify these posts than creating an eBook? Increasing your reach by doing so is a given—but with eBooks, you’re also creating free subscription gifts, longer email lists, and increased opportunities to turn readers into clients.

5. Surveys

Let’s say you’ve written an article on the hottest and most employable skills to have in the current digital marketing scene. You’ve got a valuable and informative blog piece, but you’ve also got an opportunity for a survey. Use that content to create an integrated poll or questionnaire asking readers which skills they currently have, which skills they’d like to learn, and which skills they feel are becoming obsolete. Once you’ve collected data from their answers, you’ll have the beginnings of another piece of quality content.

These are just five of the many options available to marketers who are striving to amplify their content. Resuscitating your work is the most powerful technique for enhancing its visibility, and it’s also one of the quickest and easiest. Why not try it? In the well-known words of Gary Vaynerchuk: “Hustle is squeezing every bit of juice from the orange.”

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