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Blinkx Acquires Ad Platform Grab Media Ahead of Yahoo


Blinkx, a search engine that connects online video viewers with publishers, has acquired ad platform Grab Media, according to a recent press release. With its new purchase, blinkx expects to increase its viewership and expand its relationships with advertisers, publishers and content providers. According to TechCrunch, the purchase amount was undisclosed and the deal closed amid rumors that Yahoo was also interested in acquiring the company.

Blinkx’s CEO S. Brian Mukherjee believes that the deal will have a significant impact on business. He commented that the acquisition allows his company to “meet growing consumer demand for online video” and provides a “platform to distribute and monetize these interactions” across various devices.

Grab Media’s Growing Network

Grab Media has demonstrated strong potential in the past year. In August 2012, comScore ranked it the ninth largest video content property in the United States. At that time, Alvin Bowles, Grab’s CEO, asserted that the company had “grown faster than any other online video property.” With its premium video network, the company claims to engage audiences that click more, stay on pages longer, and bounce less.

The platform is a perfect fit for blinkx’s search engine, which also focuses on engagement. In January 2013, blinkx launched an enhanced site to improve the viewer experience. Its new features made video discovery easier, provided recommendations and personalizations and integrated viewers’ Facebook and Twitter feeds.

A Solution for Content Marketers

Blinkx and ad platform Grab Media are effective spaces for content marketers to reach and engage audiences due to their emphasis on quality over quantity. Through premium video content, personalization and sharing capabilities, marketers see higher engagement levels from viewers. With these results, publishers and content providers using blinkx and Grab Media can expect higher returns on investments than they do with traditional advertising.

The time for content marketers to begin investing in these types of networks is now. According to comScore’s June 2013 online video rankings, approximately 85 percent of U.S. internet audiences are consuming video content, and of them, 31 percent are watching video ads.

Due to video ad effectiveness and Grab Media’s quality audience, Yahoo’s interest in the company is not surprising. Though Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer lost out on this deal, content marketers and publishers who are integrating video into their strategies still have plenty of time to cash in.

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