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Celebrating the Risk Takers

We see our creators, our inventors, and our pioneers in a special light. They do what most of us do not: they risk being different. And they do it in the hope of breaking through the monotony of life and creating or discovering something exceptional. We remember those who have done it brilliantly: Maya Angelou, Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk. And we admire those who take risks in the same tradition, even when they fall short.

Today as we reintroduce the Skyword brand, we celebrate those creators. We celebrate those who choose a different approach, who take risks, who do something unique and valuable for the world. We celebrate those who chart a new course because they want to come home and share stories that no one has told before.

It’s not for everyone—we know that. There are those more comfortable retelling tales others have told or taking paths others have trodden. They curate stories or map discoveries, adding incremental value along the way. But when we stepped back and thought about whom we wanted to work with most in the world, the adventurers – the risk takers – seemed like a lot more fun.

It’s to them we dedicate the new Skyword brand, because they are moving stories forward.

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