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Dancing With the Stars Integrates with Facebook


ABC’s Dancing With the Stars is the first TV show that will display viewers’ conversations and feedback from Facebook on the air in real time.

According to the Verge, ABC struck a deal with the social media company that allows the network to view real-time streamed conversations of posts about the show using Facebook’s powerful API. The network will display this information on air for viewers, but the data will serve the utmost importance to network executives.

With access to Facebook’s public feed and keyword insights, execs can even view a breakdown of data by geographic location, age or gender, reports Variety. It’s something that Twitter can’t quite match — yet.

Facebook’s Nick Grudin also told Variety that if a particular storyline or contestant creates a lot of buzz, it may influence producers to focus more on that topic in the future. This means that viewers might actually be able to influence the shows they’re watching — provided they update their Facebook page.

According to the Verge, ABC will use Dancing With the Stars as an experiment. If it goes well, the network may add additional shows into the program. Depending on the success of this initiative, it may also spark other networks to do the same.

Social Media and TV

Twitter has launched a few TV-focused initiatives recently as well. A Romanian Coke ad just broke the mold with live tweets on air. It seems social media has gone the way of TV, with both Twitter and Facebook ramping up efforts to snag partnerships with key players in the entertainment field. Given the instantaneous reach of these social media powerhouses, network executives and advertisers should take advantage of this powerful relationship to boost ratings and ad sales.

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