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Curing Power of Emotional Content Woos Health Care Marketers

A resounding theme at the Life Sciences for Content Marketing Conference was the importance of creating emotional content that can reach people and help patients live better lives. Creating content that sparks an emotive response can build a rapport between publishers and readers, improve brand loyalty, and empower members of an audience to feel more comfortable in their skin.

One of several speakers to touch on this idea was Alexandria Coe of LDR Spine. She spoke to how telling relevant, powerful stories can change a company. When people are inspired by stories, it establishes a connection, she said.

"The most powerful way to persuade someone of your idea is by uniting the idea with an emotion. It's indisputable that the best to do that is by telling a compelling story." — Jon Hamm

Brands try to make original content creation much more complicated than it needs to be. Content marketing comes down to basic human traits. Go back to the simple things: how do we connect with people? The best marketing is not told by numbers or spouting products: It’s told by going to the human level and telling a story. When we hear stories, we understand the person or the brand in a completely different way.

The story connects itself to the people. You don’t need to talk about your product, you can just go straight to the story—and maybe add a nice logo at the end. In her presentation, Coe mentioned The Scarecrow (Chipotle), Huggies Delivers a Surprise Hug (Huggies), and Misunderstood (Apple) as examples of good storytelling. A personal favorite of mine is Christmas Miracle (WestJet). Videos are a great method because they are more shareable and are particularly effective at capturing emotion. You don’t have to hear every word to get the essence of a video.

Since health care is often emotional, content marketing can easily be applied to this industry. Develop a content strategy that elicits a particular emotion. Which emotion is right for your brand? It’s important to know the emotions that are true to your brand—humor, empathy, confidence, etc.

Find patients who are willing to tell their stories; reach out to doctors and health care professionals and they might be able to point you in the right direction. Thankfully, people love to tell their stories and readers love hearing from normal, everyday people to whom they can relate. When people like your brand and your story, they’ll share emotional content; you just need to find them and amplify their story. Let the patient tell his or her story by creating emotional content, and in turn, you’ll tell your own story.

Successful content marketing is creating content that’s worth talking about, and the best way to get your message across is through a story. Contact us to learn how we can help you tell more of your stories.

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