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Freelance Writing: Ease the Transition From College to the Real World

The transition from being a college student to a working person can create feelings of unease and instability. Freelance writing can stabilize your earnings and enable you to do something you love. Create your own schedule as you transition from college to what you eventually decide to do professionally.

As I travel to Saratoga Springs to see my boyfriend’s brother graduate from my alma mater, I can’t help but think about the excitement and anticipation I had leaving my life as I had known it for the past four years, and embarking on a new life into the unknown. Okay, so I’m exaggerating. I wasn’t venturing into the unknown post-college. I was heading down I-95 with three of my best friends, stopping at friends’ houses and cheap motels to keep the spirit and freedom of college alive before we were each bound to eight plus hours behind a desk every day.

During our many hours in the car, we exuberantly reminisced about the glory days of the college bubble and spoke softly of our plans for our future. We talked about the freedom of creating our own schedule while in school, and that during the next year we were going to have to figure out how to fit in workouts, laundry, hanging out with friends, and more while working an 8-10-hour day. As we drove further south, I could tell that our anxiety, along with the heat, was climbing. Had we known what I know now about freelance writing opportunities, most likely, we would have less anxiety about the “real world” and more confidence in our scheduling freedom.

One of the biggest things graduates worry about is how they’re going to transition from college life to work. This also holds true for those between jobs. The beauty of freelance writing, and what I wish I had known when I graduated, is that your hours are your own. You decide when you work, do laundry, see friends, etc. You work when you are your most productive and earn money immediately on what you write. It eases the transition from college. You can even do it before you leave college. Earn money while still in school or between jobs; write about topics that interest you. Sounds like the best thing in the world, right?

I know this sounds like a plug, and it is. Skyword has numerous writer programs that freelance writers can choose from; subjects range from proteomics and IT to pregnancy and DIY projects. After graduating, remember that freelance writing provides options for you to build your portfolio and write for recognizable brands and media companies. While you are thinking about your future, freelance writing can give you stability as you work toward finding your profession, and even after you find it, as a way to do something that you love on your own time. You’ll earn money to ease the transition, or to spend on that road trip to keep the spirit of college alive in your heart.

grace_pasciulloGrace Pasciullo is a health nut and a nature lover, and she works as the Writer Recruitment Manager at Skyword. Follow @Grace_Pasciullo on Twitter.

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