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Google AdWords Testing New Mobile Ad Format


Google is currently testing a new ad format for mobile AdWords ads — and this one provides an interesting change to the current design. The test shows the ad as an organic search result listing with no change in background color. Instead, Google inserts a yellow rectangle with the word “Ad” to differentiate paid search results from the organic ones, reports Search Engine Land.

The current design features a much smaller “Ads” in the top right corner, which the yellow rectangle now replaces, says Search Engine Land. This change alone would serve to make the ad stand out more from the organic results. However, since both the organic results and ads appear in white boxes with a gray background, the test ads actually appear to blend in more with the organic search results than in the current design.

It’s not yet certain whether this new format will go live for all mobile searchers. However, it definitely changes the way Google users will differentiate ads from their organic search results. It appears this initiative remains in line with Google’s recent efforts to make its service more appealing to marketers.

Just earlier this month, as reported in AdWords’ blog, Google rolled out a new conversion import feature that allows marketing professionals to keep track of offline sales triggered by online search ads. This feature will undoubtedly change the way lead generation campaigns are measured and optimized. Up until now, lead generation campaigns stopped at the initial lead capture. Now, Google has allowed companies to integrate AdWords with their CRM or marketing platform, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM and more. Marketing professionals can then evaluate the data and optimize future campaigns based on the entire sales funnel — not just the lead capture.

Additionally, in June 2013, the company released a top movers report that makes ad campaign analysis a lot simpler. Users can now easily see which campaign has experienced the largest change in a certain time period with possible reasons why.

According to Adwords’ blog, Google plans to roll out various new features in the hopes of providing “more accurate measure of ads effectiveness across devices and across channels.” Though it remains to be seen if the company will officially roll out the new mobile ad format, it certainly seems that Google has more exciting initiatives in store for marketers.

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