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Health Care Content Marketing Inspires with Powerful Storytelling

Skyword had the pleasure of sponsoring the second Content Marketing for Life Sciences event last week, organized by ExL Pharma. Leading health care companies were represented in this inspiring and intimate conference, which was devoted to educating the industry about health care content marketing and why is it crucial to any digital strategy.

Every piece of content should tell a story. People are more likely to remember stories than cold, hard facts. In fact, one attendee quoted a study that showed 63 percent of people remember stories and only 5 percent remember individual statistics. As much as I love basketball, I’m a lot more likely to remember that Kawhi Leonard was named MVP in the NBA Finals this year than the fact that he averaged 17.8 points in the series.

I attended my favorite session at the end of the first day of this two-day conference. It left me feeling particularly inspired by the type of health care content marketing being done by certain providers around a particular disease or condition. Three health care bloggers were invited to be on a panel, moderated by Bob Brooks of WEGO Health: Jessica Gimeno of Fashionably Ill, Jenni Prokopy of ChronicBabe, and Andrea Meyer of The Great Bowel Movement.

  • Gimeno, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, polycystic ovarian syndrome, myasthenia gravis, and asthma, blogs with the hope that her readers will feel hopeful and realize that they are not alone. Without the Internet, Gimeno said she wouldn’t have known about others who have her illnesses.
  • Prokopy created her website to empower young women with chronic illness. Her blog has reached tens of thousands of people, and she has been featured in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and on BlogHer.
  • Meyer co-founded her blog in hopes of spreading awareness about colitis and Crohn’s disease. At one point, she said, “If people don’t know what it is, they’re not going to care. We just want people to talk about it.”

These three inspirational women provided a couple of tips to attendees on creating health care content marketing that inspires and resonates:

  • Be human and authentic with your readers. Use real people in advertisements, not actors. Tell real stories in your content.
  • Pick a couple of digital avenues that align with your brand, and do those well. Don’t be on every forum and on every social channel and try to do them all well. For example, some brands just don’t have any reason to be on Pinterest, while others—such as Tumblr or Snapchat—make more sense.
  • Your readers want to be treated as individuals, not as consumers. Spend a good amount of time discussing your content strategy and thinking about how this content will enrich the lives of your readers. Sure, they want to learn about medications at certain times, but what they really want to learn is how their lives are going to be affected. They want tips on how to hire a great physical therapist or how to work out at home if they can’t get to the gym.
  • If it’s appropriate with your brand, use humor in your content. Humor is a way to cope. This can be tricky for some brands, especially when it comes to the legal department. One idea is to find someone living with the disease with a sense of humor to tell his or her story instead of having it come directly from your brand. Pair humor, humility, and vulnerability as best you can.

We are more likely to remember how a person—or a company—made us feel, rather than exactly what they do or say. Through health care content marketing, this industry in particular has a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the lives of patients. Are you curious about how Skyword can help your health-driven brand connect with your customers? Request a demo today to get started.

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