Heineken Shows Heart in New Branded Content Campaign
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Heineken and Others Show Heart in New Branded Content Campaigns

A short documentary film about urban renewal in Brazil is a vehicle for Heineken’s new branded content campaign, and its brilliance lies in the subtle way in which the brand is present.

The over 12-minute film highlights the impressive renaissance experienced on Rio de Janeiro’s Duvivier Street, a once-active strip of nightclubs and bars that fell into disrepair. The documentary follows the neighborhood’s revival as it rekindles the magic that made it special in the first place.

heineken joins other brands using subtle advertising in emotional videos to connect with audiencesHeineken is never the focal point of the film. Instead, it appears only intermittently, mostly as a neon beer sign featured in the area. But by embedding the brand into a compelling short documentary, the company is able to increase its brand awareness, improve positive brand associations, and capitalize on the success of a documentary that stands on its own.

The ability to produce content an audience enjoys independent of personal marketing goals is a huge determining factor of a content campaign’s success. With so much other online content to contend with, quality will also matter in the success of any campaign. As brands get more comfortable with Web content and believe in its ability to deliver strong ROI, they’re less timid about spending—and that’s raising the game considerably.

Heineken’s short documentary is one of many similar examples. Spotify recently published a nearly five-minute video in which its representatives traveled to the Philippines and donated hearing aids to the needy in poor communities. Some of the recipients had been deaf their entire lives, according to AdWeek.

Then, with their new devices set up, Spotify played them their first song. The ad may seem to lay it on thick at moments, but the impact is undeniable, and the video’s viral potential is strong:

In another example, Fixodent produced its own six-minute short film showing how the company manufactured dentures for an African lion whose teeth had rotted out. The video tells the story of how the lion’s new chompers changed his life for the better:

In all these cases, the videos clearly serve as vehicles for brand promotion. But this isn’t about concealing the intent of marketing content—brands will never win if that’s the game they want to play. Instead, these videos demonstrate the appeal of compelling content even in the context of advertising.

Despite the clear business associations, consumers will engage with branded content if it offers a worthwhile experience. These videos do, and the brands behind them reaped the rewards.

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