How 4 Brands Are Using Compelling Video Content Campaigns to Engage Their Audiences
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How 4 Brands Are Using Compelling Video Content Campaigns to Engage Their Audiences

In order to get noticed in today’s world of marketing mayhem, brands have gone to great lengths to tell their stories in an engaging way. However, sometimes marketers’ efforts can backfire. Tech-savvy consumers can spot a desperate attempt to capture attention; if a brand does not work to earn eyes or connect with the audience, consumers will write its content off as disingenuous and move on.

There are some brands that have mastered the art of engaging their audiences through video content campaigns. Here are four brands that have figured out the secret to gaining the attention of consumers who are inundated with content daily.

1. Lego

Lego may be one of the most unsuspecting companies to have dominated video with its unique approach to developing long-term video content campaigns. They have taken engagement to the next level with The Lego Movie, a full-length feature film starring an ordinary LEGO figurine who unwittingly finds himself becoming the key to saving the world from a tyrannical evildoer. It’s action-packed and brings the LEGO brand to life for both children and adults who have played with LEGOs at some point in their lives. Who ever said content marketing can’t include a full-length movie?

2. Birchbox

This company’s video strategy may be best described as a veritable beauty bible. With an extensive list of beauty how-to videos and sneak peeks into the box of the month, Birchbox has mastered the art of video content marketing for their customer base. The brand’s YouTube channel offers hundreds of videos on beauty tips and tricks, giving users a wealth of information worthy of a proper beauty magazine. If you want to find out how to get the perfect beachy waves for summer or how to achieve the perfect brow, Birchbox combines detailed instructions with sexy presentation.

3. GoPro

Camera manufacturer GoPro has, to no one’s surprise, quickly become a leader in the video space. The brand’s video marketing strategy is effortless, using their product to create entertainment for viewers. Whether it’s skydiving, skiing, human water catapulting (yes, you read that correctly), or even the simplest adventure, GoPro captures action in its purest state: through the perspective of the individual living it. After experiencing the astonishing visuals in these videos, it’s easy to understand the unlimited possibilities for the GoPro. If you haven’t yet viewed a video from GoPro, visit their YouTube channel—or just give this a watch and you’ll understand.

4. Dove

Dove has brilliantly used video content campaigns to inspire conversations on body image and self-esteem among women. Their videos show a refreshingly honest depiction of how women view their bodies and the scrutiny they face from others, as well as themselves. Dove released “Real Beauty Sketches” in April of 2013 as a part of their ongoing Real Beauty campaign, and in one month the video received 114 million views, making it one of the most viral videos of all time, according to Business Insider. This video evokes real, raw emotions when you watch it; not only are they selling their products, but they are also sending a message to women to be feel comfortable in their own skin. Dove’s YouTube channel houses hundreds of videos that continue to spread their message. In February, the company directed its focus toward social media and negativity. Through a simple yet powerful 30-second video, they have put forth a strong message regarding the power of words on social media as part of their #SpeakBeautiful campaign.

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