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How Skyword’s Content Marketing Software Is Evolving for a New Marketing Landscape

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Today, Skyword announced the next generation of our content marketing software, Skyword360, a newly redesigned platform for the end-to-end management and execution of content strategy across the entire enterprise.

“Today, CMOs know they can’t harass their customers into buying from them. Instead brands must create experiences that their customers want or need. And to do this, they need to create content—brilliantly, consistently, and everywhere their customers want to spend their time,” said CEO Tom Gerace, announcing the new software at Forward, Skyword’s annual brand storytelling conference. “But most companies lack the operational model and infrastructure to make this effective. We’ve reimagined the Skyword Platform and created Skyword360 to power a unified content-centric model for creating exceptional customer experiences.”

Responding to a Changing Content Marketing Landscape

The updates to the platform anticipate an evolving, broader need set of the marketing organization.

Early adopters of Skyword’s content marketing software were likewise early adopters of content marketing as a practice, scrappy “rebels with a cause” who wanted to change the way their organizations built relationships with their target audiences. Those initial trailblazers were successful in forging a widespread recognition of content as a cornerstone of digital marketing, and they’ve been followed by a wave of investment in content marketing: Spend on branded entertainment, by some estimates, is growing at twice the rate of advertising spend.

But with the success of content marketing have come new challenges. Delivering on a content strategy on an enterprise scale—the mandate more and more marketers face—means more than more content across more channels. Bigger budgets mean greater accountability and higher quality standards. Multiple divisions and regions mean greater operational complexity. New use cases mean more stakeholders and greater integration with cross-functional teams.

Meanwhile, a more discerning audience, grown used to a glut of mediocre content, demands highly relevant, highly engaging content, delivered at the right time and the right place.

Skyword360 Answers the Needs of Tomorrow’s Content Marketer

As these content marketing trailblazers become established marketing leaders, they need new technology that addresses the challenges that come with the increased scale and scope of their roles.


Within Skyword360, marketers can document their content strategy and communicate it in a way that is clear and easily accessible to internal and external teams. Marketers can record their audience or persona insights and map out how their audiences typically interact with their brand throughout the buyer’s journey. They will also be able to create content assignments for specific stages and personas and easily see content that has been created for each.


In the planning section of Skyword360, marketing leaders can view content that is being created across personas, stages, campaigns, channels, divisions, and regions. Views are easily filterable, and users can share and save views of the planner for increased ease of use. Team members across the enterprise can drill down to see the status of individual pieces of content and, based on permissions, can access completed content for reuse or translation.

Screenshot of Enterprise Planner in Skyword360


With Skyword360, marketers can capture story ideas from internal and external team members, harnessing the collective brain power of organizations and beyond. If accepted, ideas can be assigned easily to content creators, whether they are internal team members or members of the Skyword freelance community. With customizable content templates and workflows, content—including social media posts, articles, e-books, images, videos, case studies, and infographics—can be created, reviewed, and edited. Keywords, tagging, and metadata can be applied within the platform so that content can be found easily, both internally and externally. Skyword360 is translated into 14 languages, and payments to freelancers can be made through the platform in any currency.


Marketers can preview and publish their content right from the platform across multiple channels, including their social accounts, website content management systems, and email campaigns.

Screenshot of social media publishing in Skyword360


Skyword360’s digital asset manager provides a single repository to easily leverage assets that may otherwise be scattered across multiple locations and ensures brand consistency across the enterprise. With a DAM that is integrated into the content marketing system they already use, marketers are able to work within a one-stop shop that’s scalable to the growth of their content operations.


With Skyword360, marketers can create personalized experiences for their customers and prospects by providing personalized recommendations both on their websites and through email and newsletters.


Skyword360 empowers marketers to measure and share the performance of all of their content through customizable dashboards, email performance snapshots, and robust reporting and analytics.

Screenshots of Optimize tool in Skyword360

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences, with Content at the Center

In an interview in January, Gerace said, “Brands, if they want to win in this next phase, need to create a macro corporate strategy that drives their brand storytelling experience, and that brand storytelling experience needs to drive the channel strategy, not the other way around. When they do that, brands have the opportunity to connect with their customers much more often and in many more places, earn audience attention, and build relationships in a way they can’t today.”

Winning brands will be those that conceive of content not as individual assets supporting discrete outcomes but as the centerpiece of the brand experience. This brave new world of content makes new demands of marketers, but it has the potential to build lasting, meaningful customer relationships. Content marketing software must step up in support of that goal.

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Featured image attribution: Pascal Habermann

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Rachel Haberman is a consummate word nerd with a lifelong fascination with all things language. She holds a BA in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences from Wellesley College. Before joining Skyword, Rachel managed content marketing for an international development and strategy consulting firm. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and two cats named after physicists.

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