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I Love When Your SEO Content Strategy Fixes My Dishwasher

Email, I am an idiot. In my defense, our guests were arriving in half an hour. I had promised that we would grill together, and, with the wine uncorked, I thought to open the grill for the first time. I was horrified to find phosphorescent blue mold feasting on year-old grease. Afraid of poisoning my guests, I picked up the grill cover, dropped it into my dishwasher, and put it on the Pots and Pans cycle.

Hours later, after they left, I googled “unclogging a dishwasher.”

From my earliest days as an entrepreneur, I have subscribed to a basic tenet: Marketing is math. The results of marketing investments should be demonstrable through increased (1) customer acquisition, (2) customer retention, or (3) margin. If you aren’t reaching more people, bringing them back more often, or making more money from them, it’s hard to justify ongoing marketing investment.

Most marketers realize the benefits of basic website search engine optimization (SEO), or adjusting the pages on your current website so that your site appears more prominently in natural search and delivers more organic search traffic. Brands investing in an SEO content strategy go much further, creating significant original content as a means to reach far more customers through organic search and engage them.

Consider my dishwasher dilemma. My decade-old basic dishwasher would not drain. Greasy water sat still on the bottom of the unit as it beeped incessantly, taunting me. Of course, I didn’t want to admit what I had done to a plumber or, heaven forbid, my father. Instead, I turned to Google and found a search-optimized video that solved my problem. While that video happened to appear on a media property, it might just as easily have come from a dishwasher maker like GE or an online retailer like Lowe’s. By providing a solution to my problem, GE would have had a chance to pitch me replacement options for my worn unit, just when I was experiencing a problem with it. Lowe’s would have been able to recommend parts, service, and new products to me in one stop. And even if they didn’t close a sale on that particular night, they would have begun to build a relationship with me by demonstrating their expertise in the space and their willingness to help.

To develop a content strategy that reaches and connects with consumers at scale through natural search, brands must (1) understand the many things their customers might need or want to know, (2) develop content that addresses their needs, and (3) ensure that all of their content is optimized consistently to appear prominently in their search results. They then must measure the traffic and sales that result, to determine the ROI of their content marketing investment.

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