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Instagram Embed Feature Is Limiting for Content Marketers

On the heels of its video release, Instagram has introduced another significant update for content marketers: On Wednesday, its official blog announced the release of the Instagram embed feature, one that allows users to directly insert photo and video content onto blogs and websites, and into articles.

Though Instagram’s new feature increases the possibilities for content sharing, it’s not without its limitations. At launch, it was only available on the desktop version of the site. Its introduction there is an attempt on Facebook’s behalf to extend Instagram content from mobile to across the Web.

Until the new feature is added to mobile devices, content creators working off of smartphones and tablets won’t have the ability to immediately embed their work onto other web properties. For brands and marketers developing news-focused and time-sensitive content versus evergreen, this is especially hindering. It’s likely that Instagram will eventually add the functionality to its app; but in the meantime, Vine provides content marketers an embed option on desktop and mobile platforms.

Despite its current mobile ineptitude, the Instagram embed feature is still an attractive tool for content marketers. With it, the dissemination of content is made easier, and greater exposure is given to Instagram profiles. Each embedded photo and video includes the creator’s username; and a hyperlink directs viewers to a page with other Instagram content by that creator.

The new feature also provides users instant gratification. Unlike hyperlinks that require an extra click, minimal effort is needed to view content this way. Reporting shows that customer attention spans are decreasing. For content marketers, Instagram Web embed allows them to save those few extra seconds needed to capture a customer’s attention.

Photo Source: Flickr

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