Introducing the Content Standard 3.0: A Narrower Focus on the Missing Depth in Content Strategy
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Introducing the Content Standard 3.0: The Missing Depth in Content Strategy


Today, Skyword launched a new look for the Content Standard. As part of this website refresh, we’re introducing several new formats to our content strategy, as well as a new editorial mission and vision.

We’re making such a strong investment in original storytelling because, over the past two years, Skyword has seen its digital publication grow into a self-sustaining hub for global enterprise marketers. The Content Standard is not only Skyword’s biggest lead generation program, but also a growing educational resource with a thriving online community. It has become the primary focus of Skyword’s content strategy, and the latest design and editorial update reflect the maturation of the publication and the sophistication of our readers.

The first thing you’ll notice outside of the design, is the new site navigation. We’ve consolidated publishing into three core sections: Marketing, Creativity, and Storytelling. Here’s what to expect to see in each:

  • Marketing: In this section, you will get the news, trend analysis, and strategic thought leadership around digital marketing to help you do your job better.
  • Creativity: In this section, we’ll be exploring the various creative endeavors that inspire, motivate, and transform marketers. These stories will incorporate a global perspective, talk about different creative arts, and bring them into context for the marketer.
  • Storytelling: In this section, we’ll be exploring the form and best practices of embedding story throughout your organization, from content creation and marketing to sales and technology. We’ll teach you how to make story form part of your everyday work.

Since its initial re-launch in 2014, the Content Standard has amassed a loyal following of enterprise marketers, media experts, and creative professionals:

  • 298.6 percent increase in traffic between Q1 2014 and Q1 2016
  • 416.67 percent subscriber growth since 2014
  • 2.66 percent average conversion rate for published content
  • 414.41 percent program ROI from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016

“We’ve seen first hand the effects that sustainable, original storytelling can have on a business’ revenue growth,” said Skyword’s CMO Patricia Travaline. “In 2016, we’ll continue to explore the boundaries of brand storytelling. The Content Standard will be a core part of this experimentation.”

In addition to a new look, the Content Standard team has introduced three new content formats that will round out the publication’s content strategy moving forward. We led this re-launch with the company’s first mixed-media, long-form story, “Pressure,” which explores the barriers, transformations, and personal breakthroughs taking place across marketing as a result of consumers’ disdain for interrupt advertising practices such as TV commercials, banner ads, and spammy content marketing.

Pressure Ad

In the coming weeks, the Content Standard team will be launching a new episodic content format called Living Stories. These articles will break down complex topics such as the future of SEO into bite-sized episodes, housed in a single place, for binge-consumption. Our editors will also be producing and rolling out new video series to add more dynamic and rich content experiences to the publication’s library of resources.

And last but not least, we’ve focused on our mission and vision as an independent editorial team, covering the future of marketing, creativity, and storytelling.

At the Content Standard, we’re committed to a philosophy of experimentation. Every story tries something new, from format and structure to voice and tone. We’re constantly tinkering with perspectives to better understand the variety of techniques marketers can use as storytellers.

To do this, we’re focusing on the ideas, technologies, and people who are shaping the future of marketing. We’re excited for tomorrow’s inventions, and we’re dedicated to telling stories of those who are helping to author the future through their passion, persistence, and creativity.

We’re excited to finally show off the new Content Standard web redesign. Let us know how it looks, what you like and what you don’t like, because without your feedback we’re not fulfilling our commitment to our mission and vision.

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Ted Karczewski is the Content Marketing Manager at Skyword and the Managing Editor of the Content Standard (TCS). He oversees the editorial direction of TCS, and focuses on engaging readers through compelling stories. Ted has a background in print journalism and B2B content marketing, working both for agency clients and brands. He's also a contributing writer to Fast Company and The Next Web. Follow him on Twitter

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