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Keyword research is a difficult and often time-consuming process. Choosing the right keywords to target is arguably the most important decision for your content marketing strategy. When deciding which keywords to target, you should take into account two basic principles:

1. Is the keyword in line with my website’s context and content guidelines?

2. Is the keyword worth my time?

There’s a vast amount of best practices on the web today that expand those basic principles into a multitude of strategies, systems, and checklists. Answering these two simple questions turns out to be a complex task.

Moreover, keyword research is often done once at the start of a campaign and is rarely executed as an ongoing task. Most well-researched keyword lists simply remain as static lists of keywords and fail to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of search listings.

Keyword Evolution

Keyword research is best implemented as an evolving and adapting process CircleOfKeywordResearchover time. New keyword opportunities can surface as your search rankings improve, competition changes, or searchers develop new keyword trends.

However, implementing a keyword strategy that adapts to these ever-changing dynamics is a challenge.

Skyword seeks to ease the difficulty in keyword research by providing automated keyword recommendations based upon proprietary algorithms that adapt to your site’s performance and competition over time. Skyword uses factors such as:

  • Related or similar keyword expansions from your existing keyword list
  • Your site’s performance in search rankings
  • Referring keyword traffic from search engines

All of these factors are monitored by Skyword constantly and are used to find and explore new keyword opportunities that have the best chances of success. Skyword automatically scores and ranks thousands of keywords periodically and presents the best of these recommendations to you on a regular basis.

Actionable Keyword Intelligence

Finding new keywords to explore with your content strategy is meaningless if they simply live in a spreadsheet. It’s essential to identify new keywords and also pounce on these opportunities quickly.

With a single click, you can direct these keywords to waiting writers for immediate production. This shortens the turnaround time for content creation, giving you the ability to produce content in a fast and efficient manner.

john_iconJohn Mihalik enjoys jogging, brewing beer, and any type of loud music. John is the Chief Technology Officer at Skyword. Follow @johnmihalik on Twitter.

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