Mobile Growth Means New Challenges for Video Content Marketing
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Mobile Growth Means New Challenges for Video Content Marketing

Mobile video viewing is growing faster than ever. The slew of devices to choose from, faster networks, and more bandwidth have all led users to flock to mobile to consume video, a trend that signals new challenges for video content marketing.

According to Ooyala’s Q2 2014 Global Video Index Report, mobile video viewing has doubled in the past year to become more than 25 percent of all online viewing. By 2016, that number will increase to over 50 percent, the company predicts.

This meteoric growth means marketers will need to fast-forward plans to boost mobile as part of their video strategy. The days of TV-centric business models are over. “Virtually every industry pundit now realizes that mobile video will impact service provider and broadcaster business models,” Ooyala reports.

In the new device-oriented world, mobile video must be seen as a core part of a content marketing strategy. Ooyala found that viewers tend to watch different content on different types of devices. On Internet-connected TV screens and tablets, users tended to watch videos over 10 minutes in length. Smartphones, on the other hand, are the device du jour for “snacking” on videos six minutes or fewer in length.

Viewers are also embracing original and professionally produced online video as a supplement to prime-time TV. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) reports that one in five American adults now watches original digital video each month, up from 15 percent a year ago. Among younger viewers, the numbers are higher—four in 10 Americans ages 18–34 now watch original digital video monthly.

What’s more, online video seems to have more of a buzz factor than prime-time TV. Viewers perceive it “as more innovative, edgy, unique, and mobile,” the IAB reports. Viewers of original online content are also more likely to engage or talk about the shows on social media (25 percent), versus the 15 percent who do so for prime-time TV.

Data continually show that consumers crave video, including branded video. Effective video content marketing is an increasingly important tool in the content marketing toolbox to help brands reach their goals.

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