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New B2B Content Strategies For Engaging Buyers On LinkedIn

In today’s digital world, online content plays a critical role in B2B purchase decisions. Too few B2B marketers have fully grasped the role and value of brand-aligned B2B content in the sales lead acquisition, qualification, conversion, and closure process. That’s why Skyword has partnered with LinkedIn, the premier B2B social networking site, to sponsor a webinar called “Engage Buyers On LinkedIn Using New B2B Content Strategies.” You can view a replay of the B2B marketing with LinkedIn webinar here.

The webinar features Koka Sexton, senior manager of social marketing at LinkedIn, sharing real-world best koka-sextonpractices to assist B2B marketers with creating an effective approach to target, reach, and engage prospective B2B buyers on LinkedIn. In addition, Skyword provides a practical approach for marketers to develop an action plan for creating a steady stream of targeted, relevant B2B content to fuel your social media strategy.

Here is a brief excerpt from the webinar about best practices to amplify your B2B content strategy distribution on LinkedIn to build your sales pipeline and brand authority:

What are the most effective techniques for marketers to socialize their B2B content in LinkedIn so that it is aligned with where their customers and prospective buyers are in the buyer’s journey?

Without being spammy, your entire company should be sharing new content through their LinkedIn updates and LinkedIn groups. We recommend socializing posts to employees on your respective company page, and request employees to “Like” and “Share” the posts.

There are more than one million groups on LinkedIn. What are the best techniques for B2B marketers to create their own active and engaging group to build their brand and drive sales leads?

The best practices are to ask insightful questions that engage your community. To build brand awareness, you should create a campaign that announces your LinkedIn group and nudge your customers and prospects into it as a place for them to discuss your company’s product(s) and/or service(s).

What are the best ways for brand marketers to use B2B content to engage prospective buyers in the information discovery phase?

Educational content, like guides and infographics, are a great way to engage early stage B2B buyers. This type of content gets spread virally and can become a great source of new leads for B2B organizations.

What are the best practices for B2B marketers to effectively engage their employees to build their brand and drive sales leads from the LinkedIn community?

Involve your employees as part of your B2B content strategy process. If you can include a quote or tip from an employee, it gives them extra incentive to share the content with their network in the social web.

To learn more about how to build your sales pipeline and brand authority on LinkedIn click here.

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