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New OneSpot Platform Transforms Your Content Into Display Ads


OneSpot seeks to bring banner ads back from the dead by incorporating content and social into one neat little package. The company, which just raised $1.5 million in additional funds from VC partners, uses content from your web page or third party pages, such as commentary on social networks, and turns it into display ads. The fact that a snippet of content is displayed, rather than a sales pitch, claims to be much more effective than a typical banner at achieving a click-through.

What OneSpot Does

The OneSpot platform visits user-specified blogs, social networks or specific URLs and culls the content from the page, including pictures, to quickly and easily produce a display ad. The user then tweaks the results to his liking via the browser-based interface, including changing the text or the image used. Once the ad is finalized, it is analyzed and matched against OneSpot’s existing ad inventory on the major ad exchanges, using machine learning to display relevant ads to the appropriate site visitors based on their browsing behavior and demographics.

As explained by CEO Matt Cohen, “No distribution channel is as ubiquitous as online advertising. We see a tremendous opportunity to help businesses monetize all their content using the power, data intelligence, and infrastructure of online advertising to deliver it.”

Other features of OneSpot include dynamic targeting, such as retargeting and geotargeting; the ability to add your own tracking code to gauge effectiveness of each ad; and the inclusion of Facebook and Twitter buttons on each ad to help increase the spread of content even further. The company also says that it will soon add other channels to its ad distribution, including mobile and the major social networks.

How Content Marketers Can Use OneSpot

For content marketers, the platform can be a compelling way to draw in more viewers for their content. The ads’ appearance is more like a widget that simply displays content, rather than the regular banner ads generally ignored by the masses. Whether consumers will respond to this blend of content and advertising remains to be seen, but the technology used by the OneSpot platform seems promising.

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