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No More Tears: A Platform for Marketing and Compliance


“I cry a cup of tears every day trying to get content through compliance.”

– Account manager at a partner agency

Knowledge evolves quickly in the financial services, pharmaceutical, health, and defense spaces. This creates tremendous opportunity for companies to do content marketing in each of these industries. But regulations in each area make scaling content marketing particularly challenging.

For years, marketing and compliance in these industries have been at odds. Marketing seeks to create and share content faster and at greater scale year after year. Compliance seeks to ensure that each piece published is accurate and creates no liability for the company, often slowing the content review process to a crawl. In digital, brands must publish far more often than they did offline, creating increased tension between these two functions. Old systems of managing compliance review (which often still relies on word docs and email) create overhead, wasted time and effort, and frustration for all involved.

There’s a better way. With Skyword’s most recent content marketing software release, we bring marketing and compliance onto the same page, by enabling a standard, efficient, documented content review process. We achieve this by including capabilities specifically designed to assist with compliance:

1) Roles-based permissions: Skyword’s platform allows compliance officers to be included in the core content review workflow. Our platform ensures no content is published without approval from compliance. Only authorized compliance officers are able to move content through that step.

Review Queue

2) In-platform editing, with versioning and redlining: With this release, Skyword’s content marketing platform now saves each version of the content in perpetuity. Skyword also creates a document showing marked changes between any two versions of the document, so that compliance officers and marketers easily can see what’s new.

Compare Versions

3) Inline commenting with response: Skyword’s platform now allows editors and compliance officers to comment on specific sentences, phrases, or images in the document. These comments link to the item in question, allowing for faster, trackable edits by the writer. Content creators and reviewers can respond to each comment in a threaded conversation, helping simplify communication until each item is resolved. Comment threads can then be removed by compliance when resolution is deemed satisfactory.

Comments Section

4) Audit trail: Skyword also logs each time someone accesses, edits, or approves a piece of content, creating an audit trail for each document. This audit trail is maintained even after a piece of content is published.

Content History

5) Workflow management: Finally, the Skyword platform allows marketers and compliance officers to track content through the creation and approval cycles, identifying any potential bottlenecks that need to be address to keep content moving smoothly.

Content Review

With these capabilities, Skyword now provides a complete solution for finance, health, pharma, and defense content marketers, as well as other brands that require compliance review. This integrated workflow allows marketers to increase content throughout, while decreasing the compliance effort to review, modify, and approve that content. For organizations that rely on email and redlined word documents, it offers significant savings and meaningfully improved time to market. And with luck, we’ll eliminate that cup of tears.

We’d like to thank our B2B clients for suggesting that we add compliance management to our platform. Please let me know what you think by tweeting me @tomgerace and @Skyword with your questions, suggestions or thoughts.

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