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Orchestrating Enterprise Content Marketing Efforts Across Your Organization

We’ve seen many scrappy marketers seize the moment and start enterprise content marketing programs out of necessity. Sometimes, they chose to add content to their marketing mix as a result of declining market value and even tougher competition. Others simply recognized that the old, interruption-based advertising and marketing model was broken and that content offered a long-term solution. Either way, after an organization begins creating content for a single division, the next real challenge is to implement the practice across the entire organization. No matter how you get into content marketing, you must always be thinking about how to scale your efforts.

A Model for Creating Content Across a Large Organization

Enterprise content marketing programs start from the bottom up when sales, marketing, and product teams look to fill a specific need. But businesses must have a model in place to make these organic efforts sustainable.

Some of the best recent research in this area was conducted by The Corporate Executive Board Company in conjunction with Google. Together, they published an e-book on the digital evolution in marketing, which includes a chapter on content marketing. This report offers two important ideas for content marketers:

  1. To ensure high-quality and cohesive messaging, a formal content marketing team must be created and placed alongside the central marketing team.
  2. To achieve scale and sustainability, content teams should be led by a strategic marketer alongside a managing editor.

At Skyword, we’ve seen the tremendous positive effects that centralized content teams with editorial leadership can accomplish. With an organizational model for content in place, organizations are able to move beyond campaign-based thinking and activate audiences with engaging content.

Orchestrating content across many business divisions remains a challenge, even with a centralized content team, but their role as a center for content excellence has many benefits. The following are a few benefits to consider:

Strategic Management

It takes a village to create content. And it takes a content team to effectively manage that village of small and mid-sized enterprises, sales, marketing communications professionals, and content creators. The content team ensures individual contributors remain focused on the major value statements of the brand. Moreover, they equip teams with guidelines and tools needed for each business unit and business audience.

Sustainable Publishing

In a blog post on starting global content production initiatives, Pam Didner, global integrated marketing manager for Intel, points out the importance of sharing information about content efforts. Key participants need to show their support, which helps generate a favorable early impression across the organization. Sharing information that gets everybody fully versed on the content and the production process will also reduce publishing bottlenecks and increase content contributions from around the business.

Motivation and Accountability

Content marketing has an uncanny ability to break down barriers between departments and unite efforts, from senior leadership down to individual contributors. Celebrating wins and spotlighting individual successes becomes an important responsibility of the content team as it seeks to empower the organization to create and share content.

As other organizations dip their toes in the water, now is the time to seize the opportunity to become an enterprise content marketing leader. Creating content across many business divisions takes resolve, but if you first resolve to create content that makes a difference, the results can be incredible.

Hungry for more information on how to build an enterprise-level content strategy? Learn from two leaders, MasterCard and Western Digital, which are breaking content stereotypes and leading the charge for continued innovation in their fields.

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