Personalized Marketing Experiences and Content Breed Higher Brand Loyalty
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Personalized Marketing Experiences and Content Breed Higher Brand Loyalty

Marketing experiences and content that place priority on personalization and consumer value gain more loyalty and engagement in the long run. According to the Customer Journey Poll from SAP SE, 69 percent of respondents like personalized information about a brand’s product, and one-third of respondents hold “shared values” as a top reason they are loyal to a brand. Jamie Anderson, SAP’s global senior vice president of customer engagement and commerce, said the survey’s results affirm the idea that customers are ultimately in the driver’s seat.

“Brands must not only provide the best possible customer service, but also truly invest in learning about each customer’s individual buying habits and interaction preferences, while also making that information really accessible,” she said. Brands should “adapt to their customer’s individual preferences” in an effort to “strengthen customer relationships, which is the main goal.”

- Gay PrideMore than 3,000 Americans, ages 18 and older, were surveyed to gauge what makes customers loyal to a brand. The study showed that 75 percent believe the quality of a product or service contributes to brand loyalty, with 72 percent saying they research products online.

The Content Standard previously reported on the importance of relevant content and how personalization can prevent consumers from tuning out branded marketing messages. A Gigya survey found that consumers ignore future communications once they receive content or product marketing they don’t connect with. But for the right content, particularly branded content, high engagement and trust is possible.

Brands like Oreo and Denny’s are great examples of how personalized content can foster higher engagement and loyalty. Almost every news outlet covered Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl. Although this showcased a best practice for real-time content, Oreo has consistently distributed personalized marketing experiences to consumers. It’s 100-day Daily Twist campaign pushed the brand regularly into conversation, where it relied heavily on creativity to produce content relevant to such events as gay pride (pictured here), Shin Shin the panda, and Elvis Week.

Denny’s, with its now-infamous social media presence, has grown its Tumblr audience by 253 percent and its Twitter audience by 132.8 percent. The brand’s digital marketing experiences have completely turned around to successfully tap into pop culture, social media trends, and those “conversations that would happen in one of Denny’s diners,” says Kevin Purcer, SVP of digital strategy at Erwin Penland Advertising. The brand’s most popular organic content came from a tweet about the Coachella music festival, generating nearly 20,000 total engagements. The most popular paid tweet had a 135-percent engagement rate. Purcer says there are two things that explain Denny’s success: great brand positioning and trust.

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