Skyword Acquires Vidaao to Bolster Video Content Marketing and Lands $11M in Growth Capital
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Skyword Acquires Vidaao to Bolster Video Content Marketing and Lands $11M in Growth Capital

In a move that strengthens its ability to tell branded stories through video content, Skyword has announced its acquisition of Vidaao, a New York City–based video-content-creation company. With the acquisition, Skyword not only gains Vidaao’s unique platform, but also the community of freelance videographers that drives its video-creation efforts.

In a press release, Skyword CEO Tom Gerace cited video content’s power for building emotional connections with viewers—a constant objective for digital content marketing efforts.

“Now, Skyword offers brands world-class video creation at scale, and at a price point that enables ongoing video creation,” Gerace said. “We are excited to bring these capabilities to all of our existing and future clients.”

Video has become an indispensable component of most content marketing strategies, with 95 percent of marketers incorporating such content into their clients’ campaigns. The need for external video-content-creation services is critical for brands that face financial and personnel barriers to creating their own video content in-house. Video talent can be tough to come by, the cost of equipment can discourage professional-grade production, and the video-creation process can be too time-consuming for many businesses.

Vidaao built a strong reputation off of a production platform that optimizes the video-creation process, making it as easy and efficient as possible.

“We’re incredibly excited to be part of the Skyword team,” said Vidaao CEO Justin Park. “With the combination of Vidaao and Skyword, there isn’t a more complete content marketing solution in the market.”

With Vidaao in the fold, Skyword can now offer world-class video-content-creation services alongside a comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools and services.

In addition to the Vidaao acquisition, Skyword also announced an additional $11 million in growth financing funded by Cox Media Group. The company said it will use the capital to drive development of its partner ecosystem.

As demand for professional content-creation services explodes, Skyword is growing—continuously enhancing its ability to facilitate the creation of the quality content that’s vital to brands’ future successes.

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