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Skyword’s Updated Content Marketing Software Looks Smart and Sexy

We’ve always heard from customers that Skyword’s content marketing software offers deep functionality, streamlined work flow, and analytics that can’t be matched. But to be quite honest, we’ve also received a few yawns when it comes to the look and feel of our user interface (UI).

Well, no one’s yawning today. Skyword has launched its latest platform release with a smart and sexy visual redesign that makes its UI simpler, clearer, and more intuitive. Virtually every graphic element of the platform has changed to provide a visually enhanced and engaging experience for both clients and contributors. If early reaction from customers is any indication, the new design of Skyword’s content marketing software hits the mark.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the enhancements.

Agency dashboard: With the new dashboard, agencies can check the status of all of their clients’ content marketing programs from one visually appealing screen. Skyword has redesigned the dashboard to better display a summary of every program’s review items, productivity statistics, total views, and contributor funds. Users can click elements to jump to the corresponding page or report for more information. View below:

The Skyword Platform - Agency Dashboard

Program home: The program home page is roles-based and provides a simple view of all action items for the user, including any content they have to review, status of assignments for content creators, and recently published content. Clients can see any actions they need to take on a daily basis and click to the appropriate page to complete those tasks or gain a more detailed view of the summary. View below:

The Skyword Platform - Program Home

Reports home: The reports home page displays graphs and summaries of the top content, referrers, keywords, and more. Clients can quickly review the key performance indicators of their programs and easily drill down for more detail through custom panels. The program activity panel provides an at-a-glance overview of a program’s performance, with an interactive graph displaying total views and those from search engines and social networks. View below:

Skyword Platform Reports Home

New social reports: Punctuating the growing importance of the social web for content amplification, Skyword has developed two new reports that help track the reach of social content and influence of content contributors.

Social content results: The social content results report displays the number of tweets, Facebook Likes, Facebook shares, Google +1s, and total social shares for each piece of content. View below:

The Skyword Platform - Social Content Results

Influencer report: This report displays the contributors who generated the most social views in descending order. Many of our clients seek quality content contributors who also have strong social influence, and this report provides a clear assessment of whose content is resonating most in social conversations. View below:

The Skyword Platform - Influencers

Navigation: All navigation elements have been redesigned and are now shown on a single line with intuitive icons. When a user rolls over an icon, a drop-down menu displays links that are grouped by task. Any announcements and action items for the client are displayed at the bottom of the menu. View below:

The Skyword Platform - Navigation

Terminology changes: Many of the words and phrases used in the interface have been updated to reflect the different types of content that the Skyword Platform can support.

Contributors: The pages for existing content contributors and applicants have been combined into the new contributors section.

If you’re considering a content marketing platform to help reach and engage prospects and customers, request a demo of the Skyword Platform today. It’s never looked better!

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