A videographer on the roof of a building in Boston shoots social media content for Skyword.
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Social Media Content Marketing Is Only Sustainable with Original Content

If you could say one thing about social media content, would it be that yours is improving? Research shows that top global brands are posting at least 30 times per week to Twitter alone. If those brands were equally active on just two more platforms—like Facebook and Instagram—they would be producing around 5,000 distinct pieces of social content per year. The scale can be daunting, and many technology companies have developed software that helps brands license and curate social content. Several of these companies tout algorithms designed to maintain consistency. But in life as in marketing, consistency can be the enemy of improvement.

“A Foolish Consistency Is the Hobgoblin of Little Minds…” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rather than striving for uniformity, here’s how you should look at those 5,000 pieces of social media content: Consider them steps, in any direction, that build confidence for the marketer and simultaneously develop an active social audience.

A philosphy for building original social media content.

As we learned in an interview with Pulitzer Prize–winning editor Geneva Overholser, many businesses fail because they rely too much on the filter bubble created by marketing analytics and never invest in traditional skills such as writing, storytelling, and keen editorial vision.

To my fellow marketers, I must say that while I don’t have any formal journalism experience, in striving to improve content creation for Skyword, I have learned a few lessons that may help you develop original social media content more often.

A Behind-the-Scenes Mentality

If you are in social media marketing, then you likely don’t have resources to create high-gloss content. However, it is likely that other divisions within your marketing department and across your company are attending conferences, creating videos, or hosting real-world events involving customers. This is a great chance to pick up a camera and get creative. Sir Richard Branson is not the only person who can afford to create behind-the-scenes content.

At Skyword, we were recently able to do the same when a video team visited to help produce a new corporate video. All it took was the willingness to borrow a decent camera and spend an afternoon running after a high-energy video crew.

Videographer filming social media content on location for Skyword.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Back in 2008, companies like Wildfire were created to activate audiences on Facebook. Since then, enterprise social content has found a natural niche in giveaways and contests hosted on Facebook. That model of engagement has not changed too much. When the value offered is big, these contests can stimulate a large amount of user-generated content. And when the content is intelligently structured, brands can even get their fans to help advance the brand story.

You Gotta Own Social Media Content

More and more marketers are experiencing the great engagement that comes when their brands get visual with social media content, especially when that visual content is original and unique. But despite the success of social contests, global enterprises cannot always easily reuse and repurpose user-generated content across different channels. They do not always own that content or the rights to reproduce it.

The solution lies in a new model of social content marketing that’s being built out by such companies as MasterCard and Western Digital. These leaders in content marketing are investing in branded-content destinations filled with stories, featured articles, and visual content that traditional media can no longer afford to produce.

To learn more about how to create your own hub of branded content that can be shared across social, reach out to Skyword and request a platform demo.

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