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Survey: For Online Retailers, It’s All in the Name


Shoppers are creatures of habit, and brand identification is important; a recent poll conducted by Search Engine Land and Survey Monkey uncovered just how valuable that is. 

The poll asked more than 400 consumers about their product search habits. Seventy percent of respondents said that when they search for a product, they are more likely to select retailers they already knew. Nearly 60 percent of customers were entranced by two magical words: free shipping. 

There’s an importance to having a name for your company, no matter what the content. Continually crafting quality content, aggressive social networking and effective SEO builds name and brand recognition. After all, your company should strive to build a bigger audience by being an entity people recognize and trust.

When it came to where users perform their holiday gift search on, Google and Amazon were the platforms that users were most likely to perform their holiday search on, at 67 and 66 percent, respectively. But the researchers said they were surprised by a couple more additions to the list. “Groupon was named by 13 percent of respondents and Etsy by almost 12 percent, meaning both sites scored higher than Pinterest and Bing,” Search Engine Land Editor-in-Chief Matt McGee said in the blog post.

Both sites beat out all of the price-comparison sites, which scored markedly low on the survey, proving the popularity of niche sites. Etsy chiefly caters to those who value art, while Groupon deals in specialized coupons for products or businesses that buy-in to a Groupon deal. With Etsy beating out Pinterest, it also shows that many of these consumers want to go straight to the source, rather than click through to another site. 

This in some ways also reflects that recognition can be about the products’ quality. While Pinterest can provide intriguing ideas, Etsy has a more personalized feel, as each Etsy shop is an individual retailer selling their handcrafted or vintage wares. 

Carefully strategized content can improve build name recognition for retailers, helping marketers build an audience that trusts them, and goes to them directly when they come across something they may need. 

Image Source: Flickr

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