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The Road to Brand Journalism Jobs Starts with a Writer Portfolio

If you’re a journalist or a professional writer, I’m going to offer a little advice that you shouldn’t pass on. Two words: brand journalism.

Have you ever missed out on something really big? Not necessarily something that had the potential to change the world, such as the World Wide Web or plastic, but have you ever passed on a great business or life opportunity? I have, several times. In the ’80s, a friend asked me to invest in Baby on Board signs. I still cringe when I see one of those shields on an overprotective parent’s car window. Seriously, have you ever proceeded with added caution because you saw a Baby on Board sign on someone’s car?

Today’s top brands are looking to partner with subject matter experts, professional writers, and journalists to provide authentic perspectives on the topics that matter most to their customers. It’s a growing industry, with a $44 billion budget that keeps climbing. If you have the skills to reap the benefits of this industry, why aren’t you?

The May 2014 release of the Skyword Platform makes it exceptionally easy for Skyword clients to discover you and connect you with assignments that align with your expertise and passions. It’s a first step in building your brand with some of the best brands in the world, such as IBM, Iron Mountain, GMC, MasterCard, Purina, and United Way. You can set up your profile in four simple steps:

  1. Create your Skyword account
  2. Complete an “About You” section
  3. Provide content samples
  4. Add your social networking accounts

This means brands can connect with you based on your subject matter expertise, experience, location, social influence, published content, and more. They can reach out to you within our content marketing platform, or they can discover your work through your online portfolio generated by Skyword.

In today’s digital age, companies realize that their customers will no longer tolerate the “hard sell.” People want information that provides real value and either informs, entertains, or inspires. Brand journalism certainly does not replace traditional journalism, but it has all the makings of the next big idea. It might not change the world, but it has changed marketing, and it is changing how people source information.

There are many writers out there who have a well-established digital presence. I would guess that there are even more who are great writers but aren’t easy to find in the digital world. In any event, maybe it’s time to ask yourself, “When the big guys are looking, are they finding me? Is this an opportunity I can’t afford to ignore?”

The digital world is transforming everything we do, and you can either embrace this transformation or miss the boat. Don’t let brand journalism be your Baby on Board sign. Take a minute to learn about writing for Skyword and start building your personal brand with the world’s best brands.

Read more about Skyword’s new product enhancement in the full press release.

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