Think Email Marketing Is Dead? Think Again
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Think Email Marketing Is Dead? Think Again

Email is still the undisputed champion of digital marketing tactics.

Marketers across the globe recognize the value of email over other digital marketing trends. According to Mailjet, a strong majority of American and European marketers recognize email marketing’s potential over the next five years. Email is more valued by Americans than their European counterparts, with 73 percent of American experts saying they value email compared to 70 percent in France and 61 percent in Germany.

Email’s value in the marketing world rests on its effectiveness. Marketers consistently give email top marks when it comes to achieving objectives; it even beats out social media, content marketing, SEO, mobile advertising, paid search, and other tactics, according to a report from Gigaom. Referred to as a “digital workhorse,” email marketing was deemed the most effective for building awareness, acquisition, retention, and conversion. Regarding retention (see graph below), 56 percent of marketers pointed to email’s effectiveness, putting it several points ahead of social media’s 37 percent.


Email also tends to convert better than social. In fact, email conversion rates to purchase are thought to be at least three times that of social media conversion rates, Forbes reports. When considering overall ROI, marketers rank email marketing far above other tactics, with 62 percent considering it to be a top ROI generator, followed by social media (26 percent), SEO (25 percent), and offline direct marketing (20 percent), as the Content Standard previously reported.

For marketers, the data should affirm the importance of email to engage with consumers. Though onsumers may be splitting their time across social media networks and apps, email is still the best way to reach them effectively.

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