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Tide Marketing Helps Football Lovers Plan for the SuperBowl


The Super Bowl has also managed to become the Super Bowl of marketing, and Tide and YouTube, two marketing giants, have joined forces to create this year’s AdBlitz, a content-driven YouTube channel geared toward prepping sports fans for the big game. With a channel completely dedicated to recipes, tailgating stories, Super Bowl ads and playoff coverage, Tide marketing is using YouTube to ensure that its brand is synonymous with all things Super Bowl.

Laundry soap and football? If you don’t get the connection right away, you’re not alone. Of course, if you can remember the 2008 Super Bowl, you might recall that Tide’s “Tide to Go Talking Stain” ad was a heavy hitter and named by YouTube as the best commercial during the event. As the official laundry soap of all 32 NFL teams, Tide has successfully managed to link its name to the game this year by creating a channel dedicated to the team colors. Click on the Pats logo and you’re instantly redirected to Tide’s website, where the brand has created an entire web series dedicated to the history of each team’s colors, with the clever tag line “When colors mean this much, you can only trust them to Tide, the official detergent of all 32 NFL teams.”

It’s a brilliant content marketing strategy. By solidifying an official bond between football and laundry detergent, Tide has successfully created a way for fans to become engaged in what is essentially a commercial for soap. At the YouTube channel, fans can also prep for the big day and, of course, watch past Tide commercials and videos, creating an even heftier online presence for the Procter & Gamble powerhouse.

While Tide is getting exposure before we even know which teams are heading to the SuperBowl, the brand also solidifies an online presence after the SuperBowl – the AdBlitz channel is where YouTube posts all the buzzworthy SuperBowl commercials, which garner millions of hits each year.

Changing up content marketing strategy to match pop culture, sporting events and trending topics means that content is always fresh, current and applicable. It’s all a matter of finding a link between a brand and the latest buzz, no matter how small that link might be. Quarterbacks and receivers; chips and salsa; come SuperBowl Sunday, Tide marketing shows us that nothing goes together quite like laundry and football.

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