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Tumblr iPad App Created


Blogging website Tumblr has created a new app tailored specifically for the new iOS on the iPad and iPad Mini. According to Mashable, the Tumblr iPad app will allow users to post almost anything to the site, including photos, video, quotes, chats, links, and text. They can also follow multiple blogs, save drafts, queue posts, and view and reply to messages and integrated camera access, as well as offline support and functionality.

Last month Tumblr updated their native Android app, and this latest update indicates the blogging giant is aiming to expand its userbase in the mobile smartphone and tablet market. Content marketers, especially those in the fashion, photography, and art industries, will be aware of Tumblr’s popularity. The strongly multimedia and image-driven approach to content allows users to explore and share their creativity. Making this available to the iPad users enables the company to access a whole other userbase and thus expand on their popularity.

Tumblr for Brands and Marketing

Tumblr is relatively simple to set up and has a lively community of users. It also allows users to easily tag and share items, making content simple to discover. This, as content marketers will be aware, is excellent for creating brand awareness and building a brand’s web presence.

Unlike WordPress, Tumblr (while easily customizable) does not allow for custom widgets, and a user’s website is hosted by Tumblr on its own company servers, meaning there is no control for marketers of the page if the servers are down.

However, content marketers seeking alternative methods of engagement, increasing brand awareness and discussion via mobile and tablet penetration will find a new and easily-accessible product with the new Tumblr iPad app and the vast Apple userbase.

Photosource: Wikimedia Commons

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