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Twitter Gives the OK for Background Advertisements


You might not realize this, but Facebook takes a fairly hard line against advertising. Despite allowing pages for companies and products, you can’t set your cover image on your page to an actual advertisement. Enter good-guy Twitter: After People magazine’s sister profile, @StyleWatchMag, changed its background to an ad for Jergens lotion, a lightbulb switched on in the collective heads of ad execs everywhere. Why not use Twitter ads to their fullest potential?

Twitter completely okay’d the change in background. A spokesman told Ad Age in an email, “The space is the user’s to customize, and we encourage them to be clear if they are promoting something there, for money or other consideration.” When People StyleWatch teamed up with Jergens, their deal included not only print media but social networking as well. Changing the background of the Twitter feed makes sense, costs nothing, and has a huge impact. In fact, advertisements have always been kosher on the site, but this latest formal invitation means that Twitter users, whether they 50,000 followers or five, have the opportunity to make ad revenue by selling space on their backgrounds.

While most Twitter users stick to logos, pictures, and icons for their background images, it seems like the latest mandate from Twitter opens up a whole new form of revenue for Twitter users. Displaying actual advertisements for their own products or selling ad space on feeds that have plenty of followers makes sense. As a social media manager, you could open yourself up to a new form of revenue that–like many forms of social media advertising–won’t touch your bottom line.

Coming soon to a Twitter feed near you: Twitter ads, and even better, advertising revenue. Will you be jumping on board this trend?

Image Source: mediabistro

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