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Union Metrics Introduces New Features and Pricing for Tumblr Analytics


Tumblr-loving bloggers and small businesses rejoice — now there’s an affordable way to measure your content efforts. Union Metrics has announced the release of new features and pricing options for its Tumblr analytics tool.

The A-List Tumblr partner (a premeire partner to help enhance brand experience) first introduced its enterprise solution for brands and agencies back in November 2012. With these tools, subscribers have been able to track brand activity, research audiences, analyze competitors and optimize content.

“We’re excited to continue our partnership with Union Metrics to give our community valuable insight into how others engage with their content and understand how posts travel through the Tumblr ecosystem,” commented Derek Gottfrid, VP of Product at Tumblr. “From large brands to individual bloggers, we’ve seen a huge desire to be able to measure interaction with their content.”

With the analytics tool’s new features, subscribers can track their Tumblr followers and integrate Google Analytics to measure traffic and engagement. For just $25 a month, bloggers and small businesses can also get in on the action and analyze up to three of their Tumblr blogs. Those without a content budget have also been considered; free analytics are provided to the first individual bloggers to join a wait list.

Tumblr is a growing network — the reason why Yahoo purchased it — and it’s a place where users are engaged for significant periods of time. In April 2012, founder and CEO David Karp said that users spend 14 minutes on the platform per visit. That’s approximately a minute and a half longer than what users spend on Facebook, according to Mashable.

The microblog is a powerful platform to consider for a content marketing campaign, but analytics are key to creating content that’s effective. These insights shouldn’t be accessible just to brands and agencies with large budgets. By providing more affordable analytics options, Tumblr lets individual bloggers and small businesses know that they too can make informed content decisions. In turn, this creates a better experience for Tumblr users, motivating them to log in more frequently and for longer periods of time. By putting knowledge in the hand of more content creators, Tumblr becomes an even more fruitful network for all marketers.

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