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Using a Content Calendar to Drive Your Content Strategy

Today, we are excited to introduce you to a powerful new version of the Skyword Platform. This release will enable you to drive your content strategy using a dynamic new content calendar, organize your work into different projects to align your content strategy with your business strategy, manage writers and editors across time zones more easily, and ensure that the content you are creating is unique and original.

In this release, we bring you the following new features to help manage your content creation needs:

  • Publishing calendars allow you to build and review your content marketing plan by publish date. A calendar view allows you to create content assignments, drag and drop them to future dates, and review your plan by week or by month. Simply click on any assignment on the calendar to see all the information about it.
  • Submission calendars allow you to review all assignments by the dates they are due (for work in progress) or by the dates they were submitted (for completed work). This allows editors to prioritize content that is on deadline before items not required immediately.
  • Publish-date scheduling permits you to prepare content, complete your review/approval process, and then publish it at whatever future date and time you’d like. Publish-date scheduling means your content continues to flow onto your site, into your social network, or to your partners, even when you can’t be at your keyboard.
  • Assignment Hold allows you to prepare assignments, but not make them available to your creative team until a future date. When you are creating a new project, Assignment Hold lets you build and complete your plan before sharing it with your creative team.
  • Projects is a feature that allows you to organize your content into different projects to ensure that you are prepared to support different business initiatives. For ongoing content production, the Projects feature allows you to balance the content you are producing against different target topic areas. At a glance, you can see what content is planned and what content is ready for whatever projects you have on your plate.
  • Local time zones allow you to keep your entire content production team in sync even if members of the team are across the country or around the world. With this release, each Skyword user can set a local time zone by accessing their My Account page. Assignments, as well as review, due, and publish dates on your calendars and to-do lists, will be displayed in your local time zone once it is set. Colleagues in other time zones will see deadlines displayed appropriately for their local time zone as well. (Please note: Changing the local time zone does not impact report data. To avoid confusion when data is shared or reviewed across a company, report dates are standardized around Eastern Standard Time.)
  • Show Similar Topics is a new feature that we have added to evergreen programs. With Show Similar Topics, writers and editors can now see if similar articles have been written or are being written by writers at the same time. This allows you to reduce the number of similar articles that are published on your site and makes it easier to steer writers to unique topics that broaden your coverage.
  • You can now allow writers to create their own assignments. Before today, writers could claim or propose topics, but they couldn’t create assignments on their own and begin writing them immediately. In this release, you can now turn on the option to allow writers to claim and write articles without first getting approval from you. This is an especially good option when you have writers on staff writing in your program.

Good news! If you would like to use calendars to manage your program, all the content that you have published previously and all the content that is in process will automatically appear on your calendars. To enable a content calendar for your particular program, please reach out to

In this release, we have also made a few small changes to improve the overall Skyword experience. Here are a few things you might notice:

  • In our rich text editor on the Edit Article page, you will find a symbol button (Ω) that allows you to enter special characters into articles.
  • On keyword and assignment pages, you will find that the keyword effectiveness bar has been replaced by search volume and KEI (keyword effectiveness index), providing additional information when you plan content marketing programs focused on driving natural search traffic.
  • On the assignments list, you can now view assignments by the following statuses:
    • Unclaimed assignments
    • In-progress assignments
    • Assignments that have missed the submission deadline
    • Assignments that have missed the publish date
  • You can now reactivate declined and expired assignments without having to recreate them in the system.

We’re pretty excited about the new release. We hope you’ll like it, too. Please let us know what you think by tweeting me your thoughts (I’m @tomgerace on Twitter).

Thank you for being a part of the Skyword family.



Tom Gerace is CEO of Skyword.

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