Video Content Creation: How We're Cleaning Up the Mess—Together
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Video Content Creation: How We’re Cleaning Up the Mess—Together

Yesterday, Vidaao joined Skyword to bring the creation of video content to the forefront of the enterprise-marketing discussion. I made the decision to become part of the Skyword team because we share the same values and commitment to industry-wide transformation. It was a decision I mulled over for months; even up until the moment I signed the papers, I wondered how Skyword and Vidaao would revolutionize content marketing.

Today, 95 percent of marketers use video to reach audiences, according to Aberdeen Group. Among B2Bs, 63 percent have increased spending on video marketing over the past year, with 83 percent also saying they’ve reached their campaign goals, according to Vidyard. And consumers crave these moving stories—59 percent say they’re likely to watch video when visiting a branded website, Levels Beyond found in a recent study.

This data tells a story: Both marketers and consumers are interested in video content; however, challenges do exist. Brands struggle with budgetary issues, the ability to create emotional content, and a lack of resources. Video production can be expensive (it can cost well beyond $30,000 for a single video), and finding and trusting talent to execute on a brand vision has traditionally been difficult. There hasn’t been a comprehensive way to develop a video content strategy, create brand-aligned content, recruit creatives, and distribute original video as part of a broader content program—until now.

With Vidaao now a part of Skyword, we’re effectively cleaning up the mess that is video content creation and giving brand marketers the solutions they need to not only produce high-quality video, but to do it at scale, cost-effectively, and with brand goals in mind.

Imagine: You’re a product marketer at a major enterprise business, and you want to produce a video as part of an ongoing campaign. You used to have two options: First, you could contact your agency of record and work through them, but those partnerships typically come with high price tags. Second, you could reach out to a vendor on your list, which could be archaic and prove difficult to scale over time.

Skyword now offers a sustainable and scalable approach to content creation, in all media formats, giving marketers the ability to truly operate in an integrated manner.

I experienced these challenges with video marketing firsthand when I started out in this industry by running my own video-production company. It’s here that I learned that demand for video is ubiquitous across every industry. There is constant evolution taking place in the video marketing world, and those who understand how to simplify the entire process will become the true innovators.

Skyword has taken a great step toward harmony in the content marketing ecosystem, and Vidaao will continue to play an important role in this process moving forward.

It is no longer acceptable for enterprise brands to stick to one form of content creation. Audiences demand and deserve variety; their attention spans waver when they’re faced with routine. It’s important that we, as marketers, seize this moment to become what people love, not interrupt it.

I’m excited to help Skyword and its clients create more emotional stories through visual and written content. It’s here we can really start moving stories. Forward.

To learn more about how Skyword can help you create a comprehensive content marketing strategy, request a platform demo.

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