Video Content Marketing Sees Increased Spending and Changing Production Trends
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Video Content Marketing Sees Increased Spending and Changing Production Trends

Despite overall satisfaction among B2B marketers adopting video content marketing strategies, brands new to video prefer to test it for themselves before making a significant investment. This finding is one of several revelations in a new report on video marketing from Vidyard.

According to the Demand Metric B2B Video Marketing Benchmark and Best Practices Report, video spending has increased among 63 percent of B2B marketers, demonstrating continued adoption of this media-rich content. And 82 percent of marketers who have tried video marketing have found success in reaching their campaign goals.

“This is an extremely high majority, proving that video marketing has the capacity to improve marketing strategy and campaigns,” says the report.

Even so, many businesses face significant obstacles to creating original video for their campaigns. The study found that three particular obstacles each challenged almost half of all respondents: budget, the ability to create compelling content, and the lack of in-house production resources such as cameras, sound equipment, and trained staff.

While the equipment and other resources necessary for video production are becoming more accessible, consistent video content creation often requires the addition of dedicated video staff to a company’s payroll. The more cost-effective alternative is to outsource video production to an outside marketing agency.

Despite these obstacles, the payoff for expanded video campaigns is significant. Yelp is one company that is using video to deliver unprecedented information to its user base. Through Yelp, businesses can now add videos that display characteristics of the business and its interior environment, including noise level and overall ambiance. These details are of great importance to restaurant patrons, which is the largest consumer base attracted to Yelp.

“[Video] can also better highlight some of the unique elements of local businesses that make them truly special,” writes Yelp in a press release.

While obstacles to video content marketing won’t dissolve overnight, businesses have better opportunities than ever when it comes to creating budget-friendly videos. According to Vidyard, 65 percent of B2B organizations now outsource at least part of their video marketing. This allows those companies to combine the resources available in-house with the specialties and opportunities only an outside firm can provide.

However it gets done, those companies reap the benefits of video campaigns that have been proven time and again to deliver strong results.

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