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Vpak Launches New Product That Puts HD Video in Print Magazines


In what seems like something out of a science fiction movie, Vpak, an East Hampton, New York marketing technology startup, has launched a never-before-seen technology that enables the playback of high definition video in print magazines.

The product, called Vpak Magazine Insert, takes content and places it into an ultra-slim, battery-powered player that is only an eighth of an inch in thickness and sports a five-inch screen and a full set of controls for playback, rewinding and fast forwarding. The player is bound into a publication with the rest of its pages at printing.

The first magazine to sport the player is PM360, a trade publication serving the healthcare industry, with a video promoting Klick Health included in the cover of its November issue. Past clients of other Vpak video products, such as video brochures, include a winery, a fashion designer, a consumer electronics firm and a financial services firm. According to its website, Vpak’s offerings can be customized with different sizes, package designs, rechargeable or regular batteries and custom playback controls, including chapter buttons.

A company press release quotes Rich Weber, the developer of the technology, as saying, “This format combines the best of print and digital advertising all in one marketing solution. The Vpak Magazine Insert is affordable, effective and viral–readers will pass it around.”

Potential Game Changer?

Although still in its infancy, the potential of video in print magazines for content marketers is obviously enormous, as it would allow branded video content to leave the realm of a desktop browser or mobile device and enter traditional media. Depending on the publication, marketers could therefore have a large, captive audience not dependent on SEO, or even an Internet connection, as the videos play directly from the self-powered player insert.

Forward-thinking content marketers now have an interesting new toy to play with, and it will be interesting to see how they leverage it for their brands.

Photo credit: Free Digital Photos

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