We're Committed to Security: Skyword Introduces Two-Step Verification
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We’re Committed to Your Security: Skyword Introduces Two-Step Verification


Instances of hacking and phishing are rising sharply around the globe. Every day we hear another story about credit card numbers being stolen or account usernames and passwords being published on a mass scale.

Skyword is committed to protecting our clients’ business information. Our clients trust us with critical marketing processes and business data, and we have heard from clients and prospects alike that data security is, appropriately, of the highest priority at their companies.

Today we introduce a system-wide, mandatory platform upgrade for all client and contributor accounts: two-step verification (also known as two-factor ID in the industry). Two-step verification is in place effective immediately for all newly created accounts on the system, and will soon be phased in for all accounts.

Why Is It Mandatory?

We have made two-step verification mandatory for users as a result of the rapid rise of security breaches occurring around the world. As a result of the evolving threat landscape, security experts agree that passwords alone are no longer enough to verify the identity of an individual accessing a given information-technology system. We want to make sure our clients’ business processes and information are as secure as possible.

What Will the Experience Be?

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection to Skyword by requiring users to sign in using a password and a separate verification code that is sent to their mobile devices. This system significantly reduces the likelihood of unauthorized account access.

Users will be able to choose to receive their verification codes either via text message or Google Authenticator—an app available on both Apple and Android phones/devices.

Skyword Platform Introduction

Users will have the option to identify trusted, secure computers and other devices for a period of 30 days. When they identify a device as “trusted,” they will not need to use two-step verification again (on that device) until that time period has elapsed. Trusted-device access may be revoked at any time using the Skyword interface if a device is compromised. For public computers, the option “Trust this computer” should not be selected.

Skyword Platform 2

Once a user’s two-step verification has been set up, s/he will encounter an additional confirmation step when logging in to the system.

We encourage all our clients and contributors to review our Two-Step Verification Preview for more information about this new security feature, and to contact Skyword Support if any account issues should arise.

We are grateful for the partnership and trust of every member of the Skyword community. We hope that this platform enhancement, and other investments that we will make in the future, demonstrate our commitment to you.

If you’d like to learn more about how Skyword can help innovate and amplify your content marketing strategy, request a platform demo.

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